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FAS has released the newest build of arcade game “Vintage Year” for Windows.

Description: When a band of criminals known as the “Skull Faction” takes over a wine cellar holding an expensive wine aged through many generations, it seems apparent there is no hope for its recovery. However as mysterious as is this faction of bandits, there are other followers involved that are willing to combat the danger that remains shrouded within the darkness. If recovered safely into the hands of a trustworthy adventurer, the wine would prove to be of a truly vintage year. Gunsling and slice through a challenging set of randomly generated levels, filled with traps, enemies, weapons, bosses, and items to help you along the way. Decide a plan of action and light the way as you turn corners to engage in combat with multiple enemies at once. Throughout the game you can use the corks that you collect to purchase lanterns and new characters (including a custom character that you can create!). Level up and become more powerful, such as dealing poison damage or absorbing incoming damage, each with a visible effect on your character!


Controller Support

Addicting and fast placed gameplay

Randomly Generated Levels

Level up to increase stats and attributes

Story / Survival Game Modes

16 Unlockable Characters with unique passives

Custom Characters

Unlockable Cosmetic Items

Bosses + Lootable Mini-Bosses

Fluid Controls

Easy to pick up, hard to master

Score Tracking

Challenging Enemies

Plethora of items to be used

Multitudes of melee, projectile, and explosive weaponry

Supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Danish

OS porting on the horizon

Release Name: Vintage_Year_v2.6.0-FAS
Size: 34.9 MB
Links: Desura – Steam – NFO – NTi – TPB

Download: (Single Links)

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