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Are you scratching your head wondering why people sign up for your application, but never come back? It’s not that you set out to create a poorly designed product, but lots of mistakes-big or small-along the way left you with an interface that meets the feature requirements, but is painful to use. So what now? Hire a designer to fix it for you? I think you can learn to fix it yourself. Undo those mistakes one at a time to create an experience that your customers won’t notice. Wait… what? Yes, I said an experience they won’t notice. Frustration and confusion get noticed. Completing a task quickly and easily doesn’t. Great experiences feel effortless. The extra steps are cut out. Designs are clear, buttons are easy to find. The process will go so smoothly that the customers won’t think anything of it. That’s good. That means your customers are using your application to get work done without having to think about it. Without feeling confused and frustrated. That’s the kind of product they can recommend to friends and co-workers. In Designing Web Applications I’ll teach you a process to identify problem points, plan solutions, and add a layer of polish that will make your product shine. No matter what your role is in the application development process, you can apply these ideas to make a great product. Designing an Application Flow The quickest possible route. Learn not only how to optimize for the fewest clicks, but also for a mental model that is quick to understand. Learn to Follow a Design Process Take an idea from rough sketches to a polished interface. When designing a web application, it is critical that you focus on user experience before you start styling the application. Download a Sample Get a better idea of what is included with the book. The sample sections are from different parts of the book covering everything from how to handle autosaving to working with lighting in your interface. Learn from the experts Watch video interviews on design, development, and marketing. The interviews included with the book cover everything from Ryan Singer of 37signals teaching wireframing and user experience design to Patrick Mackenzie of Kalzumeus sharing the software marketing tactics that have made his clients millions of dollars. Learn how Sahil Lavingia, founder of Gumroad, designed the best payment experience on the web. These are just a small sample of the great content included in the 7 video interviews. All the interviews include a transcript as well.


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