Time-Lapse Video for Photographers with Kevin Gater

Time-Lapse Video for Photographers with Kevin Gater

English | 11 Dec 2014 | mp4 | H264 960×540, 1280×720 | AAC 2 ch | 2 hrs 29 min | 1.22 GB

eLearning, Time-Lapse, Digital Photography, Video, Video Editing, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects | Lessons: 33


Time lapse videography is a logical entry point for photographers looking to get motion out of their still cameras. Nevertheless, newcomers to video production may still find making time lapse sequences to be a complicated and daunting prospect. In this course, you’ll have the chance to walk through a time lapse shoot from start to finish, helping that daunting feeling melt away. You’ll learn about selecting the proper time lapse gear, configuring your camera, shooting on location, and processing your time lapse sequences. With this course, creating professional-looking time lapse videos is a process that’s completely within your reach.

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