TTC Video - String Quartets of Beethoven

TTC Video – String Quartets of Beethoven
Course No. 7240 | .AVI, XviD, 640×480 | English, MP3@128 kbps, 2 Ch | 24×30 mins | 5.3 GB
Lecturer: Professor Robert Greenberg Ph.D. | Genre: eLearning/Art/Music

In his 16 quartets for two violins, viola, and cello, Beethoven created a Mount Everest for string players and some of the most sublime, unforgettable music ever written. Continuing to astound listeners after 200 years, these glorious quartets give voice to the innermost landscape of the human heart and spirit. They stand, like Michelangelo’s statues or the plays of Shakespeare, at the pinnacle of Western art.
These history-making pieces revolutionized the string quartet as an art form, bringing to it bold new musical resources and expressive content. In these works, Beethoven mastered, then transcended, the accepted musical norms, creating the quartets as both a trailblazing manifesto of personal expression and a daring challenge to the Western conception of music itself.

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