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Jason & Samantha Morgan Thread

Jason: I’ve known how long I’ve loved
you and I know I’m never gonna stop.

• Samantha McCall
Portrayed by actress Kelly Monaco, Samantha McCall first appeared in Port Charles in 2003.
For most of her early life, Sam was a con artist who never stood in the same place for too long.
Toughened by a difficult life, she finally found a chance at love and a family in Port Charles.

• Jason Morgan
Portrayed by Steve Burton, Jason Morgan, formally known as Jason Quartermaine was in a
drunk driving car accident that changed his life forever. With no memory of his past, friends
or family, Jason changed his names and began a new life in the mob, with a quiet intimidating
intensity. Jason’s love and loyalty to those he holds dear is boundless. Joined cast in 1991.

Jason to Sam:
“I would do anything for you. I would die for you”

Sam: I just figuered it out… why I sleep so much
better at your apartment… you make me feel safe.

♥ The Beginning
Jason Morgan first met Sam McCall in 2003 in the PCPD interrogation room. They both had been arrested for aiding and abetting Sonny Corinthos.
The PCPD stuck them in the room together in an attempt to pit them against one another. But Sam and Jason turned the tables on them when Sam
refused to testify against Jason, and to show his gratitude Jason offered to cover all of Sam’s legal expenses. Sam later became involved with Sonny
as a result, Jason was assigned to protect her. During their time together, Jason and Sam fought a lot and in the beginning, they did not get along at all.
Sam believed that Jason disapproved of her, and Jason continually pushed for Sam to end her relationship with Sonny. This caused a great amount of tension
between the two. In early 2004, Sam found out that she was pregnant with Sonny’s child. Jason asks Sam if he could pose as the baby’s father so
that Sonny and wife Carly could stay together for the sake of their son Michael , but Sonny soon learns that Sam is carrying his child. Sam agrees
to Jason’s request and they almost marry, but Sam backs out because they are not in love and she still has feelings for Sonny. Jason switched Sam’s paternity
test and everyone thought that he was the father of her child, except for himself, Sam and Sonny who all knew the truth. Over time, Jason and Sam began to bond
and care for each other. They continued to grow friendlier as Jason protected her from her abusive ex-boyfriend Nico and helped give her mentally handicapped
brother Danny McCall receive a better life at a specialized school in Hawaii. Jason and Sam decided to name her daughter Lila Morgan after Jason’s late
grandmother Lila Morgan Quartermaine in honor of her. Sam and Jason start growing closer, trusting each other and falling in love. In November 2004
Sam’s daughter, Lila McCall is stillborn. Jason grieves with Sam and helps her make the choice of donating her child’s stem cells to save the life of Sonny’s
other daughter Kristina. Sam is heartbroken by the loss of her child and outraged at Alexis for her role in the tragedy, but is comforted when Jason tells
her that part of her daughter will always live on in Kristina.

Sam” I’d be going along and I’d be thinking in the back of my head ‘what would
it be like to kiss Jason’ and now I know… it makes me feel dizzy.

Sam: “I didn’t know what love was, how it felt,
what it meant until you showed me.”

The Love Story ♥
Sam and Jason admit their love for one another, and after getting engaged in January 2005, Sam agrees to care for the child of a young mother named Bridget.
Jason names the baby Hope, but Bridget decides that she wants her baby back. To avoid a court battle, Jason decides Hope should be returned to her mother.
Sam is hurt and angry at this decision and leaves Jason briefly, but they reunite after Sam is accused of kidnapping Kristina. Jason believes Sam is innocent
and the two of them search for Michael, Kristina, and Morgan, who they later find out have been kidnapped by Faith Roscoe on orders from Jason’s brother A.J.
In the fall of 2005, Jason began to suffer from life threatening headaches, seizures and amnesia. Sam is there for Jason when he eventually loses his memory
again as a side effect of his illness. Sam convinces Jason to undergo a controversial treatment administered by his old girlfriend, Dr. Robin Scorpio. He and Sam
fall in love all over again and he proposes to her a second time before he begins his treatment. After the treatment, Jason gets his memory back and remembers
his life with Sam, but the procedure causes a brain aneurysm. Jason initially refuses to have surgery to repair the damage, and he and Sam move to Hawaii to live out his last days
peacefully. However, Jason eventually realizes that he wants to live in order to be with Sam and returns to Port Charles to have the surgery, which ended up saving his life.

In 2006, the encephalitis virus invaded Port Charles and Sam became deathly sick. Jason and Carly teamed up to investigate the illness. They found the antidote in
the Markham Island and returned to Port Charles with the antidote. Unfortunately, they were not in time to save Courtney or Sam’s brother Danny. Alexis was
chosen to receive the last antidote instead of Danny. Before he dies, Danny tells Sam how glad he was that their parents “chose her.” Sam is angry and
blames Alexis for her brother’s death. However, DNA tests reveal that she was adopted and Danny was not her biological brother. She and Jason find records
indicating that Sam was born to a 16-year-old Alexis, who Sam already blames for all of her recent problems. Sam is shot by one of Jason’s enemies and is
rendered infertile. He confronts Alexis telling her that Sam is her daughter and that she’s dying. Alexis comes to Sam’s hospital room to try to comfort her.
Alexis pressures Jason into breaking up with Sam for her own good and after months of trying to win Jason back, Jason tells her that he can’t love her anymore.

Jason: “You know, you don’t have to try so hard, you’re very easy to love.”

Sam: I experience your capacity for love every single day of my life.

• The Break Up
Elizabeth becomes pregnant and the baby was initially believed to be the child of her husband, Lucky Spencer. Sam and Jason are able to
briefly reconcile and work through their issues. During a hostage crisis at the Metro Court, Jason learns that he is the father of Elizabeth’s son, Jake.
Jason decides not to tell Sam. who still thinks the baby is Lucky’s. Sam eventually learns about Jake’s paternity and immediately becomes hurt.
Sam visits Jason in prison and breaks up with him, citing his lies and emotional unfaithfulness as her reasons.

Jason: when you were in the hospital dying, I was by your side willing
you to live because you mean everything to me, I’ve never loved
anyone as much as I love you and I always will

Sam: You chose to look for me..
Jason: It wasn’t a choice. It was necessary, like breathing.

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