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MARK was a loyal follower of the late Prolethean leader Henrick Johanssen.
When the Prolethean Ranch was burned down by Helena, Mark vanished with
Johanssen’s waifish daughter Gracie, who he’d fallen deeply in love with. But as one
of many male clones created by the military, the question remains, who is Mark? Why
was he with the Proletheans? And in the face of this newfound love,
where do his allegiances lie?

MILLER is the spit-and-polish Castor soldier with a prosthetic leg. No longer
assigned missions in the field, Miller is bitter but loyal. Refusing self-pity, he focuses his
efforts on climbing the officer ranks.

RUDY, aka Scarface, is the often brutal and crazed Castor clone with a sleek
mohawk and a menacing scar that adds to his intimidating exterior. Raised under the
military’s unforgiving supervision, Rudy is a trained master fighter. Possessing a fierce
loyalty to his clone brothers that matches Sarah’s conviction, he is ruthless and lethal if
put to the test. Just how far is he willing to go to save those he’s sworn to protect?

SETH is a mustachioed Castor brother who may not be the sharpest clone in the
pack. But what Seth lacks in smarts, he makes up for in obedience to his superiors, and
admiration for his elder brother, Rudy — who sometimes uses Seth’s devotion
to sway and manipulate him.

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