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Native Instruments – Kontakt 5 v5.5.0 | 521.0 MB

Kontakt 5 the standard in the world of samplers. Native Instruments Kontakt 5 provides a set of high-quality filters, ranging from classic analog circuits and models with a variable condition to a modern format filters. Some of the 37 new filters use a new concept of Adaptive Resonance, which automatically controls the characteristics of the filter to prevent unpleasant sonic artifacts from excessive resonance peaks. The fifth version of the sampler also adds a time-scratching TimeMachine Pro, which provides better quality sound for harmonic solo instruments.

The effects section in Native Instruments Kontakt 5 has been extended with several key additions that focus on Studio-style audio processing. New algorithms Solid G-EQ and Solid Bus Comp, borrowed from the Solid Mix Series, allow for alignment and compression, and optional Transient Designer has been integrated into the category of effects Kontakt in its original form. In addition, the new analog Tape Saturator can add natural compression and thin organic Overdrive, and vintage sampling modes, taken from the groove machine Native Instruments Maschine have been integrated into the feature set of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

For the sound designers and professional creators of audio samples, Native Instruments Kontakt 5 provides a new bus system instruments, and MIDI file support, based on the KSP. 16 internal stereo tires with their individual embedded cells provide greater routing flexibility, the function of MIDI files in the Kontakt Script Processor allow you to create advanced types of tools based on the tools with one integrated MIDI playback function.

Native Instruments Kontakt 5

* SOLID G-EQ, a Genuine reinterpretation of the classic effect Studio is unique and removes music from 4 bands EQ switchable to shelf on the low and high bands, plus two full parametric mid-bands.
* SOLID BUS COMP is Also available as an absolute product yourself, this is a valid reproduction of a legendary compressor adds presence and the engine, not spotting detail. Though traditionally used to “glue mix, it’s not just for bus compression!
* TRANSIENT MASTER Another effect of the premium varieties are also available separately TRANSIENT MASTER is an incredibly musical and versatile tool in order to change any kind of percussive sound. Make a sound hit harder, or shorten the tail of the resonance of the sound that rings too long. Identify the tools, connections, or flatten acuity.
* TAPE SATURATOR Modeling natural, harmonic compression of analog tape, TAPE SATURATOR adds a nice warmth to Your sound. And advanced a little heavier, it delivers a smooth, organic overload.
* 37 NEW FILTERS KONTAKT 5 enhances Your creative palette of sound design with 37 new, high-quality filters, developed creative mastermind behind MASSIVE. The range covers the whole spectrum from classical low-pass filters, the status parameter to avant-garde formant filters, and nine of the new additions use innovative adaptive resonance technology. These filters ‘AR’ cope, resonance reaches a maximum automatically as an intelligent limiter in the tool in order to avoid sudden harshness, unpleasant explosions volume, and unwanted distortion.
* VINTAGE Semple FASHION Native Instruments KONTAKT 5 offers vintage sample fashion, right out of school MPC beatmaking. They update a unique sound and feeling of the MPC60 and SP1200, and genuine enough to bring a nostalgic tear to the eyes of the old beatheads everywhere. The algorithms used come from MASCHINE.
* Time Machine Pro is an Important addition to Native Instruments KONTAKT 5 is the new Time Machine Pro algorithm *, providing supervisorlocation stretch in time especially suited to melodic and tonal material. Use Time Machine Pro for full audio of devotion and subtle changes of pace with all the harmonic content intact.

Specifications for building
16 CHANNEL BUS SYSTEM New 16-mainline systems begin comprehensive direction options with integrated insert and send effects. It is a powerful tool for creating detailed chain of effects within the instrument. For example, building a drum kit, You might want to use completely different effects on the kick, toms and snare, still sending the whole kit in the main channel stereo. Now You can.
FILE SUPPORT MIDI KONTAKT 5 provides a new feature in the Processor of the Original Kontakt: MIDI file player. Useful for creating tools that can play samples, loops and grooves in opposite single notes. As used in the library grooves, STUDIO DRUMMER, which provides over 3,500 exclusive beats and fills as production-ready MIDI parts.

Changelog v5.5.0
Kontakt/Battery instruments can be saved directly from within
Time Machine Pro voice settings can be controlled from KSP
Developers can change the contents of an FX Slots from KSP
Time related effect parameters can be controlled via KSP (Delay,
Chorus, Flanger, Phaser)
The way that users interact with parameters associated with time
within FX has been improved with more consistent behaviour.
There are no longer CPU spikes when manipulating the host-tempo
while playing back a Kontakt instrument.
Performance has been increased when processing MIDI CC events.

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