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Board History
Board opened | August 1, 2012
Series premiere | October 11, 2012
Ashley & Emma appointed as mods | December 9, 2012
10,000 posts | February 7, 2013
Ingrid appointed as mod | September 8, 2013
Season 2 premiere | October 7, 2013
50,000 posts | July 20, 2014
Season 3 premiere| June 11, 2015
75,000 posts | July 18, 2015

The fans. The most surprising and wonderful part. They are just incredible passionate. They made the show continue, I think. And it’s so wonderful we have that. We are so lucky. ~ Kristin


TestimonialsAugust 1st marks the third anniversary of the board and I’m so happy it is still around and doing well. I started watching the show for Kristin and watching the pilot I just knew right away that the show was something special. The chemistry between the cast members is amazing and I’ve really grown to love the characters. We as beasties have proved over and over again how passionate we are about the show despite the low ratings. That dedication resulted not only in getting a third season when no one thought it was possible, but also a fourth one! The past year has been difficult on the board, but I’m very happy to see that our hard work paid off. Now that the show has returned, the board is doing better than ever. Season 3 has been great so far and I absolutely love having this board to discuss the characters and various storylines every week. The posting challenge has increased the board’s activity even further. We reached 75,000 posts two weeks ago, another milestone that I’m very proud of. I really appreciate everyone helping out and I hope you all stick around after the challenge. I can’t wait for the next celebration! love
~ Ingrid {Broken Melody}

3 Years and 75,000 Posts is quite an impressive milestone. I know before recently, was around the board randomly where I wished that I had been here the whole time because the board has such amazing posters whom I’ve really have been able to get to know over the past month especially during the challenge. I look forward to many more years and post milestones, I will certainly be calling the board one of my Fan Forum homes because its a lovely environment to be involved in.
The show is just absolutely amazing with an amazing cast. They bring everything to the table to make it an amazing series, they seem to love it as much as we do and love how close that they are with each other as well. The stories over the seasons have been quite interesting and just the love between VinCat just makes true love sound amazing :sigh: The characters themselves are fantastic plus love how its not just VinCat but each other have their best friend whom they share amazing scenes with. The whole team together sticking together and looking out for each other is absolutely perfect. ~ Sarah {Beyond Insane}

Beauty and the Beast was a show I happened to find at the start of season 2, so I was a little backwards. Twitter was what got me to watch and I fell in love. The cast is all so amazing and work so well together. Coming to the :ff: board for the show just made it better because Ingrid is an amazing person and mod. I am glad that this show is around and that we are getting to see a different side with them actually together and in love. JT will always be my favorite I think though, and well I loved Austin back on Life Unexpected. ~ Cathy {Cadenf}

3 years AND 75K – this is awesome!! :woot: I am glad I gave this show a shot and discovered the board, I love it. I have been enjoying the new season a lot and this little community somehow makes watching the show even better. Congrats everyone! ~ Tess {RunawayDaydreamer}

Leaving a comfortable place, venturing into new boards is always daunting. It’s just like meeting new people. Except here, I know we have at least one thing in common before I even know their names. I don’t even remember what made me visit this board (finally!). We were still in the middle of hiatus. I didn’t feel so lonely anymore about being a Batb fan and waiting for S3 to finally start. I love that I can post in every single thread here. No ship wars (that I know of heh). So here’s to reaching many milestones in a month, and to longevity! ~ Andii {Andii98}

When I first saw commercial for the show, I was like oh its just another tv show about romance and bla bla.. Then after ½ year it aired, I was thinking I had to try and watch it, cause everyone is talking about it, and so I did… And how happy I am for it. The show is not the classical beauty and the beast, its filled with great story lines, loads of action and ofcourse romance, but in a good way, not sugar sweet and soo on. The show is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen it has it all.
And then I thought about I had to talk about the show cause its so amazing, so I remembered fanforum, and I got to the beauty and the beast forum..:cool: Here are many sweet people and funny as heck, and its fun to share oppinions about the show, what will happen and what we wish maybe will happen, its just the best place to be, to discuss everything love 😎 ~ Heidi {Heidsdk}Art

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