Future Mr & Mrs
S c h m i d t ♥ C e c e
appreciation thread

“Schmidt and Cece are amazing together and I love their relationship.
This season to me felt like them really becoming friends,
like really taking the time to sort of be there for each other emotionally which I thought it was like really fun and poignant, great to watch.
He’s really her friend again and he’s really earned her trust, I think it’s a great set up for Season 4,
just them maybe getting together which I’m really excited to kinda explore again.”
Elizabeth Meriwether

“Very early on we knew that we wanted to get Cece and Schmidt together and if they get together, they are getting together forever”
Brett Baer

01. Static Waves
02. endless forms
03. AutumnColors
04. take the wheel
05. Evil Poptart
06. Clarissa Fray
07. Nothing Else Matters
07. Licia
08. Chastidy
09. murphyboy11
10. Laurababora
11. Sixonxnavade
12. lessismore
13. KatB
14. MrღMrsStinsbatskys
15. julia in wonderland
16. marriedschmece

01. Because they both admitted to loving each other
02. Because they are too alike
03. Because they both don’t like to sleep alone

Find a Way
Beneath Your Beautiful
In My Veins
Soul Sister
Tonight I’m gonna hold you so close
You Found a Boy And You’re Married Now
Hate That I Love You
“It’s about trust”

01. “I think he had a taste of what love is.”~Max
02. Because “You were the only one I could talk to.”
03. “I want something that lasts. And I want it with you.”
04. “You and I not being together does not make sense to me.”
05. “You are an amazing woman.”
06. “I couldn’t question the fact that their hearts led them there”~HS
07. “They both have a very strong exterior of having it together, and being the person everyone perceives them to be.”~HS
08. “I think he experienced love for the first time with her and will die trying to get her back.”~MG

01. “I love you Cece. I used to think it was a heavy like… but it’s love.”



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