This thread is to keep everyone informed of recent appointments for leadership positions here at Fan Forum.
Please join us in congratulating these members who have agreed to take on more responsibilities! :glow:

For further information about Affiliated sites, or to learn about sharing Fan Forum news on other sites, please see the thread on this board.
If you have any questions , please PM trace of innocence or lost my senses, the Communications Team Managers.

For questions about Thread Tags, please see the thread on this board or PM trace of innocence or no control , Thread Tag Leaders.

A list of Communications Team members can be found HERE.

January 25th – ♥ Gale’s Fragile Beauty ♥, MiniElky, IndigoEyes, always be my baby, dancing in the rain, DarkAngelx, my beating heart

August 16th – unbreakable clarity, that’s a bingo, AtomicEmpress, LR_Roxy, heart devoured, begin again

If you have any questions about graphics for a board, or would like to join the Graphics Team
please PM haunted skies or no control, the Graphics Team Managers. A list of Graphics Team members can be found HERE.

March 11th – dancing in the rain

April 13th – cap’n cook

July 6th – indigo sunrise

July 9th – heartlines

July 12th – Shadowhunter

July 13th – Chastainღ

A list of Managers can be found HERE.


January 4th – NikNak


June 20th – trace of innocence

Please see the details on the Moderator Application thread on this board on how to become a moderator.


11th – Hunger Games – (~MelBelle~), Red Band Society – (JenR), Stephen Amell – (Beyond Insane), The Blacklist – (Lauren Helen Graham)

18th – Chris Hemsworth – (Hawthorn), Leighton Meester – (vale decem), Soaps – (f i r e p r o o f), Television – (DarkAngelx), The Maze Runner – (Glader|4|Life)

25th – Joshua Jackson – (LWS53)


1st – Emma Stone – (Elif_ZV), Reign – (reign_demedicifan)

8th – Nashville – (soapbubbles511), One Direction – (night changes)

15th – Chris Evans – (miranstarr), Chris Hemsworth – (always be my baby), Emma Stone – (eleonor), Katie Cassidy – (change my luck), Movies – (placebobsh) & (Millie May)


1st – Agent Carter – (Girl On Fire & ~-Sarah-~), Bones – (Ms Cyatt), Chris Evans – (always be my baby), Ed Sheeran – (night changes), Katie Cassidy – (Queen of Babble), Rachel Bilson – (Cadenf), Reign – (itsmemandy), Shiri Appleby – (max_liz)

8th – Once Upon a Time – (CityGal), Nashville – (jbshmdfb)

22nd – Colin O’Donoghue – (T’Lynn & sourburst ), Divergent – (sinsajo), Emily Bett Rickards – (olicitybubble), Jennifer Aniston – (Comfortably Numb), Jennifer Morrison – (T’Lynn)

29th – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – (speak slow), Movies – (Jis_Bon)


12th – The O.C. – (Sweetgirl465), Game of Thrones – (Jon_Robb66), Info Center – (QueenOfHearts)

19th – Aaron Paul – (Collins), Darren Criss – (90210-Steffi), Selena Gomez – (caught each other), Youtubers – (sourburst & fictitious ways)

26th – Aaron Paul – (julieks), New Girl – (lessismore), Television – (lizzybug57), The Mortal Instruments – (acoustichearts)


10th – Roswell – (MiniElk), Tom Welling – (Becwelling)

17th – Gotham – (Dacrown), Katie Cassidy – (Beyond Insane)

31st – Castle – (**Anja**), Fan Art – (De Medici Queen) Jennifer Morrison – (Jamie Choate), Role Playing – (degausser)


14th – Eva Green – (ina_am & Hawthorn), Gotham – (Marki), iZombie – (JenR & fictitious ways), The Mentalist – (FoxPhile)

28th – Daredevil – (albion_princess & Chastainღ)


12th – Dawson’s Creek – (falling slowly & JJH85), Dylan O’Brien – (*Stephie*), Hayden Panettiere – (holding my heart), Kristen Stewart – (heart devoured & f i r e p r o o f),
One Tree Hill – (msstock87), Soaps – cherrios, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – (fly me to the moon), Youtubers – (no control)

19th – Battlestar Galactica – (Beyond Insane), Spoilers – (CityGal & xthing1x)

26th – Battlestar Galactica – (Musickat18), Sci-Fi/Fantasy – (Maggie Greene), Vanessa Hudgens – (minixoxmya)


2nd – Criminal Minds – (Mountain_Girl), Emily Bett Rickards – (oxalys)





Experienced moderators willing to accept temporary assignments. A list of MST members can be found HERE.

May 31st – CityGal, Dacrown, f i r e p r o o f, Girl on Fire, Just A Dream, Queen of Babble

:party: CONGRATULATIONS!:party:

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