Been a while since we’ve been on these forums. It is about time to show the folks what Fenrir Studios has been up to.

We’ve recently launched our Kickstarter campaign for Dark Storm: Ascension, which finally gives us the opportunity to show off some of the fine work our art team has been hard at work on for the past year.

Feel free to visit our Facebook and Website for all the latest news and images from this indie stealth action game.

And we also have a prototype demo that is currently being offered for free on Steam and IndieDB – built in UDK.

Name: dark storm logo.jpg Views: 2 Size: 558.8 KB

Name: Amber promo.jpg Views: 3 Size: 108.4 KB
Cover Design for upcoming Dark Storm: Ascension novel – written by Christopher Lee Buckner, author of the popular Swords of Rome and Rome Unbound series.

Name: amberconcept.jpg Views: 2 Size: 139.7 KB
Amber Kingsley final character design for Dark Storm: Ascension

Name: DKS Amber VS Ivan sm.jpg Views: 2 Size: 136.5 KB
Amber Kingsley, the primary protagonist of Dark Storm: Ascension

Name: Amber portrait wip revised.jpg Views: 2 Size: 133.9 KB
Amber Kingsley, former U.S. Army – dishonorably discharged prior to the events of Dark Storm: Ascension

Name: jill bio.jpg Views: 2 Size: 101.3 KB
Jill Haley, Amber’s best friend in Dark Storm: Ascension

Name: shewolf bio2.jpg Views: 2 Size: 122.2 KB
The She-Wolf – the primary antagonist of Dark Storm: Ascension

Name: fem_rus_troopers.jpg Views: 2 Size: 193.3 KB
Russian Special Forces design concepts

Name: fem_US_troopers1.jpg Views: 2 Size: 164.8 KB
Ancile soldier concept design – Ancile is the private military corporation in Dark Storm: Ascension, which Amber works for

Name: Ancile soldiers.jpg Views: 2 Size: 466.2 KB
Ancile soldier design – final

Name: color_test2.jpg Views: 2 Size: 131.3 KB
Irving Dynamics scientist design concept

Name: female_scientist_designs.jpg Views: 2 Size: 197.1 KB
Irving Dynamic civilian design concepts

Name: 001.jpg Views: 2 Size: 121.5 KB
Russian soldier design concepts

Name: he.jpg Views: 2 Size: 163.5 KB
Heavy Russian soldier design

Name: rp.jpg Views: 2 Size: 142.8 KB
Russian RPG soldier design

Name: 513eb08090858c32748bd62b4dca0534.jpg Views: 2 Size: 383.7 KB
Amber Kingsley, again

Name: Icarus high altitude drone wip.jpg Views: 2 Size: 91.2 KB
Concept design for new drone spy plane

Name: Weapons1.jpg Views: 2 Size: 122.2 KB
Guns, guns, guns

Name: Weapons5.jpg Views: 2 Size: 215.9 KB
Amber’s bad boy

Name: Weapons4.jpg Views: 2 Size: 83.6 KB
Assault rifle concepts

Name: Weapons7.jpg Views: 2 Size: 102.2 KB
Shotgun concepts

Name: Weapons10.jpg Views: 2 Size: 73.1 KB
SMG concepts

Name: Weapons6.jpg Views: 2 Size: 57.5 KB
Medical syringe

Name: vr_001.jpg Views: 2 Size: 196.4 KB
Medical healing chamber

Name: render11.jpg Views: 2 Size: 215.9 KB
Abandoned weather station

Name: Fallen Tree WIP.jpg Views: 2 Size: 299.8 KB
Alaskan wilderness

Name: Ice River2.jpg Views: 2 Size: 338.3 KB
Ice River, Alaskan wilderness

Name: Promo6.jpg Views: 2 Size: 224.0 KB
Amber cornered

Name: Promo5.jpg Views: 2 Size: 74.2 KB
Amber promo concept

Name: Level29.jpg Views: 2 Size: 146.0 KB
Tree concept

Name: Level45.jpg Views: 2 Size: 477.4 KB

Name: Level47.jpg Views: 2 Size: 189.8 KB

Name: Level63.jpg Views: 2 Size: 171.6 KB
Interior concepts

Name: Level65.jpg Views: 2 Size: 286.7 KB
Motor pool

Name: Levels9.jpg Views: 2 Size: 183.9 KB

Dark Storm: UDK Build prototype trailer

This is only a fraction of what we have. So if you like what you are seeing, and want to back us and help make Dark Storm: Ascension a reality, come visit our Kickstarter page and see what else we have to offer.

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Fenrir Studios

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