Female Mind – Remote Control Masterclass

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“Hey, it’s Fabian. Don’t you sometimes just wish women came with a remote control? What if they did? What if your girl already does, and all you needed were the cheat-codes to tap in on your phone, whenever you want, to completely control her mind? Weirdly enough, about a year ago, I found the cheat codes. Here’s How I Use These Cheat Codes.. “

These cheat codes allow me to hit specific buttons on my phone at any given time and then the girl does exactly what I want..
They’ve worked on professional types, girls who were smart, college grads, and they’ve also worked just the same on hot, “club girls” who are admittedly pretty dumb.
I use these codes now to make a girl spend time with me when I want, have sex with me when I want, even make me a sandwich when I want, and get this..
What If All She Wanted Was For You
To Text Her What To Do?
Just imagine…



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