Learning Reactive Programming With Java 8 by Nickolay Tsvetinov
English | 19 Jun. 2015 | ISBN: 1785288725 | 182 Pages | EPUB/MOBI/PDF (True) | 3.88 MB

If you are a Java developer that knows how to write software and would like to learn how to apply your existing skills to reactive programming, this book is for you.Learn how to use RxJava and its reactive Observables to build fast, concurrent, and powerful applications through detailed examplesAbout This BookLearn about Java 8’s lambdas and what reactive programming is all about, and how these aspects are utilized by RxJavaBuild fast and concurrent applications with ease, without the complexity of Java’s concurrent API and shared statesExplore a wide variety of code examples to easily get used to all the features and tools provided by RxJava What You Will LearnDiscover what reactive programming is and how you can benefit from itGet to grips with the new functional features of Java 8 and some functional theoryCreate RxJava Observable instances from virtually any data sourceTransform, filter, and accumulate your data using various RxJava operatorsCombine multiple data sources in one dataset, using custom logicWrite concurrent programs with ease, scheduling actions on various workersLearn about unit testing asynchronous RxJava logicExtend RxJava by writing your own operators and factory methodsIn DetailWhether you are a Java expert or at a beginner level, you’ll benefit from this book, because it will teach you a brand new way of coding and thinking.The book starts with an explanation of what reactive programming is, why it is so appealing, and how we can integrate it in to Java. It continues by introducing the new Java 8 syntax features, such as lambdas and function references, and some functional programming basics. From this point on, the book focuses on RxJava in depth. It goes through creating Observables, transforming, filtering, and combining them, and concurrency and testing to finish with extending the library itself.This book is a definite tutorial in RxJava filled with a lot of well-described examples. It explains reactive programming concepts in plain and readable language, without scientific formulas and terms.

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