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Luminosity Masking Panel v1.4.1 For Photoshop Cs6-Cc 2015 (Mac OSX) | 150 MB

Luminosity masking is one of the most powerful ways to create professional results in Photoshop.  But they can also be challenging to learn and use.  Lumenzia makes it dramatically easier to use luminosity masks, and at the same time offers new tools and complete flexibility to achieve results that aren’t possible with a channels-based approach to luminosity masking.

With Lumenzia’s interactive approach to luminosity masking:
What you see is what you get!
You can select what you see!
Create the ultimate in professional results!:
Swap or add masks with a single click!
Stay organized.
Minimize clutter.
Minimize file size.
Undo practically anything.
Create beautiful vignettes with ease.
Powerful sharpening tool.
Easy dodging and burning.

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