YouMap Chromecast Receiver v2838918


It turns your android device into a powerful Chromecast receiver.
It implements the same protocol as the real Chromecast device, supporting YouTube, Screen Mirroring, Browser Tab Mirroring, Google Play Movies, Google Play Music and other 3rd party Chromecast compatible apps.

It fully supports Chromecast v2 protocol. It supports the screen mirroring with real time audio/video streaming. Google’s Chromecast app can be used on the client device to mirror screens.

It supports Chrome browser tab mirroring if your android device supports VP8 decoding.

In addition to screen mirroring, it works with YouTube, Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, and any other apps that are developed using Google Cast SDK.

It works well with all major TV dongles and boxes, such as Rockchip, AllWinner, Minix, etc.

It works well from Android 4.1 up to the latest Android 5.1 version.

If your device does not find our receiver, please use install Google’s Chromecast app, then from left panel, tap Cast Screen, and it will search for our receiver. Once our receiver shows up, other chromecast apps should be able to detect our receiver.

Version: 2838918
Größe: 27 MB
Format: APK nach entpacken
Hoster: uploaded / share-online

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