Forget the Elephants, Watch Out for the Fleas by Justin Herald
English | 2009 | ISBN: 174175691X | 132 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB

You've heard the saying, 'the elephant in the room', meaning an issue that is impossible to overlook. The strange thing is, all of us seem to concentrate and focus only on these big issues, thinking that if they are worked out and sorted, everything else will be fine. But what you really need to look out for are 'the fleas', the small issues. These little, pesky and annoying things in life have the ability to become quite large over time, possibly as big as an elephant. Justin Herald tackles the areas that are most likely to be the fleas in your life, so you can recognise and resolve them before they grow into larger problems.
The purpose of this book is simple. Most people's
problems start out as small as a flea, but too often
those problems or issues are left alone and eventually
become as huge as an elephant. This book
has been written to help you understand and
address the ‘small' things in your life so you can
reach your desired goals without too many
If you were to go to Africa on safari, the guide
wouldn't have to spend a lot of time pointing out
the elephants. Why? Because they are so big that
you can't miss them-you can see those elephants
coming from a long way off. It is the same with
the big issues in your life. You probably don't
need someone to point out your own big issues as
you already know what they are.
Now a flea is a different story. Fleas are tiny,
they cause a great deal of irritation and it takes a
lot of searching and concentration to find one.
This is the same with the ‘fleas' of your life. Some
little issues will need to be searched for and may
take some time to find, but unless you address
these little areas they can add up to one major
headache. Ignorance solves nothing. Each and
every one of you reading this book has to take
control over the little issues before they blow out
and cause major disruptions to your life. Sure,
some of those ‘fleas' may take a bit of work to
track down, but be diligent and you will reap the
benefits. Time and concentration is the key here.
Spend some time reading this book and concentrate
on ridding yourself of the small things that
keep on popping up in your life and creating
bigger problems.
Each of us has DNA that makes us who we
are. DNA is a structure that carries the genetic
information that makes up an individual. That is
why we are all different to each other. When it
comes to reaching success in our lives, I believe
that we all have our own individual ‘success
DNA' as well. By that, I mean instead of trying to
be like someone else, copying what others have
done or learning how they did it, maybe we
should concentrate on trying to understand our
own success DNA. You need to understand that
your way is your way when it comes to success.
This in turn means that you, the individual, need
to work on every aspect of who you are. This
includes the good, the not so good, the big issues
(the elephants), the small issues (the fleas) and,
at some point in time, areas that haven't popped
up yet..

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