Colored blocks fall, and they keep falling. You rotate them, and drop them. Faster and faster you align the pieces, creating links of matching color, filling in gaps. You touch a block with a detonator and the entire chain explodes. The blocks above them drop, another detonator touches, and another chain is gone. Then another.

Anode reintroduces the classic falling-block puzzle genre, with new twists and challenges! Link blocks back and forth across each other. Match angled couplers to create chains of multiple colors. Earn items and use them to clear your bin. Play Mission Mode and complete randomly-generated objectives for additional challenge. Post your scores on leaderboards and see how you stack up.

Invite a friend over, plug in some controllers, and dive into frantic competition. Complete long chains to send blocks to your opponent’s side, or use offensive items to trip them up. All to a pulsing soundtrack with music that gets more intense as your bin fills.

Größe: ~ 80.33 MB

Notes: Ripped Game (No Installation required)
Genre: Action

R E L E A S E i N F O


        Release date: 7/10/2015          Protection: Steam                 
        Files: 09×10.00MB                Language: English                 

    1. Unzip & Unrar                                                         
    2. Run Setup.exe for installl                                           
    3. Have Fun!!!                                                           

250mb Parts | Hoster untereinander kompatibel! | 1x gepackt!

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