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This course is designed to teach anyone how to build custom, responsive, professional & uniquely designed websites with the simplest yet most professional & common software, WordPress. In this course, I will walk you through the process of creating the most amazing & professional looking & functioning website you will ever come across from beginning to end. This course is action-oriented; meaning you will be building your website along side with me & step by step. You will learn how to build your website within just a day or less! A website that you will always be proud of, & one that you will have created all by yourself.Here are some of the things you will learn in this course:

Get your own domain name & web hosting account.
Learn how to install & configure WordPress on your domain name.
Learn what themes & plugins are & how to use them.
Get an amazing $49 theme for FREE & install it on your domain name.
Build your website from A-Z all by yourself.
Make your own logo, for FREE.
Learn how to Optimize your website's performance & security.
Publish your Website with better search engine optimization (SEO).

Starting from the most general aspects, & all the way to the smallest details, all were painstakingly gathered, tested & offered to you on a golden platter in this course . I'll even teach you how to optimize your website in terms of security, performance & search engine optimization. Eventually, you will get a website that not only looks amazing & professional, but also has great performance, tight security, & that is optimized to rank better on search engines like Google.
This course is definitely for you if:

You're interested in starting a new profitable career in web design & making up to $5000 for each website you create,
You have a business & you're looking to increase your productivity & make more money by haveing a $5000-website,
You have an idea that you want to spread to the world online,
You need a personal website for yourself,
You heard about WordPress Content Management System (CMS) & want to master it,
Or you don't even know what WordPress is.

Go ahead & get started! Click “Take This Course” button & join the winners the on the other side.

What are the requirements?

No Coding Required!
Basic Computer Skills
Computer & Internet Connection
No Prior Experience in web design/development required.

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 37 lectures & 4 hours of content!
Build your own custom & top-notch personal &/or business website & save up to $5000 per website.
Build & sell custom & professional websites for other businesses & individuals & make up to $5000 per website
Build the ultimate professional & responsive website you will ever come across from A-Z all by yourself
Over 37 lectures & 5 hours of content
FREE premium theme!
Build your own Logo & Favicon, for FREE!
Complete professional & responsive website that is customized for mobile, tablet & PC view.
Certificate of completion
100% money back guarantee.
Lifetime support
Lifetime access to the course

What is the target audience?

Business Owners
Web Designers Looking to Exp& Their Experience
Any Passionate Artist or Designer
Those Interested in Building Their Own Website(s) & Saving Up to $5000 Per Website
Those Interested in Starting a Profitable Career & building $5000-Websites for Clients

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Before We Start 6 slides
Lecture 2 About Me, WordPress & The Course Preview 04:06
Lecture 3 What We are Going to Build 10:33
Section 2: Domain Name & Web Hosting
Lecture 4 What is Domain Name& Web Hosting 10:41
Lecture 5 Signing Up for Domain Name & Web Hosting 07:29
Section 3: Installing & Configuring WordPress
Lecture 6 Installing WordPress 02:14
Lecture 7 Logging in to WordPress & Editing Profile 04:53
Lecture 8 Setting up Email Forwarding 01:31
Section 4: Theme, Plugins & Logo
Lecture 9 What are themes & Plugins? 9 slides
Lecture 10 Installing Theme & Plugins 04:21
Lecture 11 Making The Logo 05:30
Lecture 12 Theme Settings & General Layout 07:31
Section 5: Creating & Building The Home Page
Lecture 13 Creating The Home Page 08:47
Lecture 14 Building Services Section: Part 1 05:49
Lecture 15 Building Services Section: Part 2 11:22
Lecture 16 Building Services Section: Part 3 04:43
Lecture 17 Building Call to Action Section 07:44
Lecture 18 Building Skills Section 06:31
Lecture 19 Building Customers Section 10:42
Lecture 20 Building Team Section: Part 1 06:26
Lecture 21 Building Team Section: Part 2 03:32
Lecture 22 Building Testimonials Section 10:24
Lecture 23 Adding Social Media Icons 07:39
Section 6: Creating & Building The Gallery Page
Lecture 24 Creating The Gallery Page 04:31
Lecture 25 Building The Gallery Page: Part 1 06:30
Lecture 26 Building The Gallery Page: Part 2 06:13
Section 7: Creating & Building The Blog Page
Lecture 27 Creating The Blog Page & First Post 07:33
Lecture 28 Creating The Second Post 03:57
Lecture 29 Editing The Sidebar: Part 1 04:57
Lecture 30 Editing The Sidebar: Part 2 06:05
Section 8: Creating & Building The Contact Page
Lecture 31 Creating The Contact Page 02:59
Lecture 32 Adding The Image & Texts 07:27
Lecture 33 Adding The Map 06:49
Lecture 34 Adding The Contact Form 02:10
Section 9: Optimizing The Website
Lecture 35 Optimizing Security & Performance 10:31
Lecture 36 Optimizing The Website: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 12:10
Section 10: Last Words
Lecture 37 Last Words 02:41

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