CM - Instant Cotton T-Shirt Mockups 404500

CM – Instant Cotton T-Shirt Mockups 404500


15% Off Launch Sale: this week only, get these t-shirt mockups for $?2?9? $24. Take advantage of this because it won’t be going on sale again! Note: There’s a link at the bottom to the video demonstration that covers what’s included and how to use these t-shirt mockups. Instant Cotton T-Shirt Mockups uses the Next Level brand to breathe life into your work. Whether you’re designing t-shirts for a client or mocking up your next product, this is a must-have resource. Best of all, these mockups are accurate and easy to use! As a t-shirt designer myself, I understand how imperative it is to present strongly to my clients, and realistically mocking up the design before going to print does just that. So I set out to personally create the best most versatile cotton t-shirt mockups using the Next Level #3600 100% Cotton blank. These are the exact mockups I use in my freelance business, and my clients have really enjoyed seeing their product come to life before they go to print.

PSD | 300 DPI | 3200 x 3200 px | 1.03 GB

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