CM - MFC Chaplet Monogram 402094

MFC Chaplet Monogram 

4 OTF 4 TTF | 1.25 MB RAR

The inspiration source for MFC Chaplet Monogram is a beautiful letterset from the “Dessins de Broderies – Album No. 486” by Sajou from the late 1800’s. This family includes four fonts, the original MFC Chaplet Monogram, and MFC Chaplet Solid Monogram, MFC Chaplet Stencil Monogram and MFC Chaplet Chroma Monogram. Chaplet Solid can be used alone or combined with the outline version, while Chaplet Stencil is created to be a standalone style. Chaplet Chroma is intended to be used with the outline or solid font to build chromatic monograms.

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