The Future Mr. & Mrs. Schmidt
appreciation thread

“Schmidt and Cece are amazing together and I love their relationship.
This season to me felt like them really becoming friends,
like really taking the time to sort of be there for each other emotionally which I thought it was like really fun and poignant, great to watch.
He’s really her friend again and he’s really earned her trust, I think it’s a great set up for Season 4,
just them maybe getting together which I’m really excited to kinda explore again.”
Elizabeth Meriwether

“Very early on we knew that we wanted to get Cece and Schmidt together and if they get together, they are getting together forever”
Brett Baer

“I love them since the pilot. I love the dynamic between them. Its the kind of ultimate underdog story of Schmidt trying to get this model. What started out was a funny relationship. What I really loved about we did this year was, we really made them friends. I am really excited about the finale.”
Elizabeth Meriwether

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01. Because we don’t need reasons but the fact that they are amazing
02. Because they have too much chemistry
03. Because they love each other’s every part
04. Because Max and Hannah are amazing together, they love and miss working with each other
05. Because we are Team Schmece
06. Because they are both so funny and sexy together
07. Because they both don’t like to sleep alone
08. Because Cece is the most beautiful woman for Schmidt
09. Because Schmidt prepared Cece a Christmas gift inspired by her, Cecelia No 5. It stink but it made Cece so happy too
10. Because Schmidt will never give up on Cece
11. Because Cece is way too beautiful from anyone else for Schmidt
12. Because their first time was electrfying
13. Because Cece is the only woman Schmidt didn’t want to show off but wanted to tell people because she is the dopest, smartest, ballsiest, bitchiest, truly terrifying woman he sexually enjoyed
14. Because Cece broke in at 3 am for a little bit more Schmidtty
15. Because Hector J is always excited to see Lady Cecelia, Damn nasty Cece!
16. Because Cece loves to sleep with Schmidt that she dressed like a sexretary and doesn’t want it to be ruined
17. Because Schmidtle and the damage is done yo!
18. Because Cece thought Schmidt’s “See Cece Run” tee was funny and that she likes him
19. Because Cece is turned on by Schmidt’s quirks, she likes his personality and it surprised her too
20. Because they are adorable in the kitchen
21. Because Schmidt was calm and wanted to marry Cece when he learned she might be pregnant
22. Because we do believe in caramel miracles
23. Because Cece is an amazing woman for Schmidt and he will be there for her no matter what
24. Because Cece’s Diddy said that Schmidt is exactly what Cece needs
25. Because for the first time Cece wants something to last and she wants it with Schmidt and Schmidt wants the same too
26. Because Schmidt wants Cece to be happy because he cares about her so much
27. Because they both couldn’t forget each other whole summer
28. Because they are too alike
29. Because they are both beautiful
30. Because Cece is the only woman who could understand Schmidt’s sadness about his father and could know when to come to comfort him
31. Because Cece knows if Schmidt needs boob hugs
32. Because Schmidt won’t ever stop wanting to kiss Cece
33. Because Cece misses hanging out with Schmidt when they are not together
34. Because they looked like bride and groom
35. Because they are always together and look like a married couple even when they are not a couple
36. Because Cece is Schmidt’s boo and he was missing her for so long
37. Because Schmidt loves Cece, and he has been in love with her for so long. He thought it was heavy like but it is love.
38. Because Schmidt wants to become a family with Cece and wants to have kids
39. Because Schmidt would do anything for Cece, he would convert to “Hindubudism”
40. Because Cece was looking after Schmidt even when they were not together
41. Because what Cece wants is to be with someone else (Schmidt) too
42. Because they got hurt but they also became friends again
43. Because there is nothing more important to Schmidt than Cece’s future
44. Because they always wanted to be together
45. Because all Schmidt is still in love with Cece and wants is her happiness
46. Because shame shame we know their name
47. Because even after 3 days being stuck in the same room Cece was checking Schmidt out!
48. Because they know each other so well and they finish their sentences
49. Because they are there since the pilot
50. Because Schmidt kissed Cece and she kissed him back
51. Because Schmidt can’t stand spending 3 days without Cece
52. Because Schmidt loves Harold and Kumar no matter what size they are because they are attached to the most beautiful woman on the world
53. Because they are both in their “Never Lists”
54. Because Cece thinks Thanksgiving should be spent with the people you care and she spent the Thanksgiving with Schmidt
55. Because Cece is priceless for Schmidt
56. Because Cece loves being Schmidt’s friend and vice versa
57. Because Schmidt loves Valentines Day since the day he spent it with Cece
58. Because Schmidt took care of drunk Cece and he was not repelled by it
59. Because sparks are flying between these two
60. Because Cece is the most amazing woman Schmidt ever met and he won’t ever stop trying to make her happy
61. Because Cece is in love with someone else (Schmidt) too
62. Because they became best friends
63. Because Cece thinks Schmidt is perfect, she loves him with his flaws
64. Because Cece wants Schmidt to be happy
65. Because it was a torture for Cece to watch Schmidt with someone else and she went off climbing a mountain
66. Because Schmidt had a Cece box, with a caramel miracle drawing and $5 bill from the night he met Cece, in it
67. Because Schmidt tried to move on but he can’t, the moment he threw the Cece box he wanted it back and payed $500 for a $5 bill
68. Because Schmidt is deeply in love with Cece and he values their friendship so much
69. Because Cece is in love with Schmidt too, so much so it is kinda stupid how much she is in love with him
70. Because Schmidt knew that he wanted to marry Cece the moment she met her (in the pilot)
71. Because Cece ran to Schmidt from the mountain the moment she learned that there is a chance
72. Because she didn’t only said Yes. She said Yes! YES YES YES YES!
73. Because we are getting married!!!
74. Because Schmidt couldn’t stop crying from happiness, it was all they ever wanted!
75. Because they are not only passionate but also so compassionate with each other!
76. Because we cannot wait for their wedding!
77. Because we cannot wait for their parents to meet!
78. Because we cannot wait to see them finally married!
79. Because we cannot wait to see them as a team to be reckoned with!
80. Because we do believe in caramel miracles!

10 ReasonsWhy Schmidt and Cece Belong Together;


Season 4’s second to last episode gave us one of the sweetest weird moments Schmidt has ever had. Sacrificing his dignity for a woman he doesn’t even love (but obviously respects) was so good to see and proves once and for all that Schmidt has come a long way. The adorable moment came with a bit of sadness, though. Fawn looked genuinely upset when Schmidt broke up with her, which – to my surprise – broke my heart a little. It’s not that tearing up while watching New Girl is new to me (believe me, it’s not), I was just never on board the “Fawmidt” ship. For me, it has always been Schmidt and Cece.

Let’s recap. Schmidt and Cece are instantly attracted to each other and start hooking up. Schmidt later “sets her free” because he doesn’t think he’s enough for her. When Cece starts dating someone else, he tries to win her back, but fails. Cece then decides to get married but can’t because she loves Schmidt. Schmidt loves Cece, too, but at the time he’s dating Elizabeth and can’t bring himself to break up with her – or Cece. Which screws everything up some more. “Schmece” then face a rocky patch but eventually manage to become friends. Cece falls in love with Schmidt AGAIN but can’t bring herself to tell him because he’s dating someone else.

Feeling dizzy yet?

And now (FINALLY! Sorry…) Schmidt broke up with Fawn. Because he wants to be in love. “Crazy in love.” “Drunk in love.” (Never a bad time to quote Beyoncé.) A love that, I feel, he’s always had with Cece.

The good news is, there’s still hope. New Girl actor Max Greenfield has told E!: „It’s Schmidt’s strongest relationship on the show and I’m excited for you guys to see what we have done with it for the end of the season. I finally feel like we move forward with it.”

Since not everyone is as excited as I am about the impending reunion, let me explain why Cece and Schmidt are simply meant to be.

1) Schmidt worships Cece
To Schmidt, Cece is beyond human. Beautiful, smart, caring… She’s a goddess. Being his humble self, he once said “You know, one of these days – could be tomorrow – I’m gonna be a millionaire. But if I don’t have Cece, then what do I have?” Beautiful.

2) …and he has learned from his mistakes
Don’t ask me how, but I’m 100% sure, Schmidt has never hurt Cece on purpose and he would never hurt her again. Ultimately, all his screw ups have made him a better person. He’s ready for a committed relationship now. I can’t wait to find out how he’s going to win her back this time.

3) Cece loves Schmidt not despite his weirdness but because of it
Cece used to be ashamed of Schmidt – but those days are over. It was heartwarming when she told Schmidt „You’re fine as is” this season. And Schmidt’s face after hearing those words really said it all. She loves everything about him. She sticks up for him even when he’s being completely ridiculous. Or when he asks her to put glitter tan lotion on his entire body. Or makes everyone go on a crazy spiderhunt.

4) Schmidt handled the early pregnancy scare extremely well
Remember when Cece and Schmidt were barely dating at all and she thought she might be pregnant? While she was (naturally) freaking out, he seemed surprisingly calm. It wasn’t in his five-year-plan but even then he knew he’d never find anyone better for him than Cece. I say, now is the time for Schmece to have a baby. He even has the names all picked out! “Menachem Mendel Schneerson”, anyone?

5) They never stopped loving each other
We saw those sneaky glances and touches. Even when they were apart, their attraction was undeniable. Schmece have the spark that it takes.

6) They are both equally crazy and beautiful
Schmidt might be the crazier one but, let’s be honest here, Cece has her moments. The good thing is, they can be as weird as they want around each other without it being actually weird. They’re adorable even when Cece is sick and Schmidt has to hold her hair up. Nothing can stop them.

7) They have waited a long, long time
The writers love to make us wait. And Schmece have been waiting for some relationship bliss since Season 1. It’s time. Seriously.

8) They have learned to be friends with each other first
Everyone knows friendship is the most solid foundation for a happy relationship. Although he broke her heart, Cece and Schmidt have learned to be friends with each other. And they liked being just friends… for a while. They just get each other like no one else does.

9) They put each other’s happiness first
Cece didn’t even try to break up Schmidt and Fawn because she wanted him to be happy. „When you care about somebody, you do what’s best for them. Even if it sucks for you.” And while their Season 1 breakup was just as selfless as it was unnecessary, those are some wise words from Schmidt.

10) They are both so ready to get married
Cece desperately wanted to get married and have kids in Season 2 but broke it up – for Schmidt.
And even though his love confessions and proposals somehow failed, Schmidt has always wanted to marry her.

She’s his lion fish.


Beneath Your Beautiful
In My Veins
Soul Sister
Tonight I’m gonna hold you so close
You Found a Boy And You’re Married Now
Hate That I Love You
“It’s about trust”

01. “I think he had a taste of what love is.”~Max
02. Because “You were the only one I could talk to.”
03. “I want something that lasts. And I want it with you.”
04. “You are an amazing woman.”
05. “you shouldn’t be with a normal guy”
06. “One of these days, it could be tomorrow, I am gonna be a millionare; but if I don’t have Cece, what do I have?”
07. “You’re on my never list too.”
08. “Something pricesless”
09. “Girl, will you marry me?””YES! YES YES YES!”
10. “We are getting married!”
11. “Girl, I’mma marry you!””JAR!”

01. “If you tell anyone we held hands, I have 2 people in my phone who will kill you….literally”
02. “You look like you should be distracting a Bond villain! – and I want to be your Bond!”
03. Because “Marry Me” written in the sky is perfection!
04. Hand Holding – Sex – True Love ~ That is how you write a love story
05. “I’m in love with you Cece… I used to think it was just a heavy like… but it’s love.”
06. “I always have and always will love you” -Cece
07. This wasn’t what she wanted! What she wants is to be with someone else
08. “I didn’t want to hurt anyone, especially you. You have no idea what you mean to me.”
09. “Because we are ready them get back together”
10. “You and I not being together does not make sense to me.”
11. Future Mr. & Mrs. Schmidt [Schmidt ♥ Cece] #11: “Girl, will you marry me?” “YES! YES! YES! YES!”
12. Future Mr. & Mrs. Schmidt [Schmidt ♥ Cece]#12:”WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!”<3
13. Future Mr. & Mrs. Schmidt [Schmidt ♥ Cece] #13: “I know this might seem crazy & probably a little bit impulsive, but it’s not, not for me.” Schmidt



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