Hey all, it’s time to begin my first sketchbook here on CONCEPTART.ORG!

I’m Lemox (LMX), a graphic designer (27) from Liege (Belgium). I work in an international casino games company.
I’m a still a beginner in illustration, and I’m here to make progress, learn new things, get critics, make new friends, … Time to draw!

I’ll post any experiences, sketches, daily gesture drawings and so on.

Everything you’ll see here will probably be in my blog too : http://lmx-art.com/blog/ (some parts are incomplete and design is not finished). Feel free to visit.

SOOOO… First daily drawing:
Name: 1000Gestures_1.jpg Views: 1 Size: 95.4 KB

I tried to capture form through straight lines.

NB: I’ve made lots of gesture drawings in the past (3000 and counting since early 2015). I’m a third-grade (LOL) illustrator at quickposes.com but waited too long to post them. If you want, I can post some of these past drawings here 🙂 I made improvement, but I should probably draw 10.000 more of these to reach my personal goals as an artist!


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