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Ted : What d ‘ya say we go over and let him insult us for a while. – Emmett : What a good idea, might make him feel better.
Jennifer: I came at the wrong time. – Brian: You two have a lot in common.
Carl: If I can’t solve a hollywood movie,I should retire!
Brian: When you were a boy did you save the bird with a broken wings? – Ted: What did you do, tear them off?
Michael: He thinks the building’s turning into a den of iniquity…sex, drugs, cruising… – Emmett: Okay, so those are the advantages, what are the liabilities?
Brandon: Aren’t you gonna collect your prize? – Brian: It’s not much of a victory considering my years of experience and expertise.
Emmett: What am I gonna do? – Ted: You’re gonna play dumb. – Emmett: I can do that.
Brian: Neutron Man has broken into a nuclear power plant where he’s tortured with an agonizing dil:censored:do .. sorry, dilemma. He can either drain the planet of its power and live, or he can let the planet supply power to the world and die.
Justin: I love him, Michael. – Michael: I know. All the more reason to let him go. – Justin: You must not care very much. – Michael: I care more than you’ll ever know.
Debbie: Brian Kinney. No doubt you’ve heard of him. He wouldn’t like me telling you this but the biggest organ he’s got is his heart. So please God, make him well!

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