Brian Heaphy, Carol Smart, “Same Sex Marriages: New Generations, New Relationships”
2013 | ISBN-10: 0230300235 | 216 pages | PDF | 0,5 MB

Over a couple of generations new possibilities have opened up for how we organize our relationships. This is especially true of same sex relationships where there is an increasing acceptance of civil unions and same-sex marriages. Many young same sex couples and partners are now living more ordinary lives than ever thought possible before, and marriage can be an important part of this. Based on extensive couple and individual interviews with young partners who have legally formalized their relationships, this fascinating new book argues that same sex marriages in everyday life need to be understood in terms of interlinked developments in lesbian and gay worlds, heterosexual relationships and in personal life. The book sheds light on the generational and biographical factors that influence same sex relationships and discusses the implications for how we understand changing heterosexual relationships and marriages. This topical book will provide compelling reading for all those interested in sexuality, gender, the family and personal life.

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