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Soulver for quick math – counting anything, what a lot of Excel and a calculator or a little uncomfortable. Understands numbers interspersed with words, it is not necessary to press equal, can take 100 euros from the thousands of dollars and divide by three. With simple and intuitive interface, the operating window of the application consists of two parts. On the left side all the data recorded and expression, and the right – the results obtained. As expected, the top of the window is a toolbar.

Window Soulver not overloaded with buttons and other controls, so the application appears to be quite simple to learn. Would Soulver ordinary calculator, one of many, even if it yields results directly by entering a numeric expression data, rather than after it will be put = sign, if not feature much set it apart from other similar applications.

The application allows you to write expressions almost in plain text, but one will be removed, the mathematical part, which will be calculated. Expressions allowed to write in any language you want, even in Swahili, the only condition is that the keywords, operators must be written in English. But not so much, so remember them is not difficult.

At the bottom of the window is automatically calculated sum of all intermediate results. As a result, the usual calculations, it perhaps is not so important, but in the case of financial calculation function Autosum can eliminate the extra lines in the text, and even more faster results. When recording using the syntax highlighting. To substitute in recording interim results just click on them twice with the mouse. If you need to add the result obtained in the previous line, then just click on the button Add Answer Token, located on the toolbar.

About Soulver can say that he is more prednazanchen for financial calculations and planning, as evidenced by the convenient form of record, coupled with additional options related currencies, stocks and functions save and export documents. But this is not to say that it is inconvenient to work measures dimension, mathematical functions and formulas. The main feature of the application – write expressions human language, which works equally well for all possible types of calculations.

Main characteristics:
See all your calculations all the time and go back and change any of them.
Use the word among their calculations, so your numbers reasonable.
It is easy to calculate the interest ($ 100 – 10%, 30% of 200).
See. The total number of running all of its lines.
Make simple transformations (10 US dollars per euro, 25 meters in feet ).
Payments in shares (100 AAPL ).
Connect your line together using markers of response.
Create variables to store frequently used numbers.
All standard math functions.
Support payments in binary and hexadecimal.
Save and export your work.

Whats new in Version 2.5.3:
Compatibility with OS X 10.11 El Capitan
Numerous minor tweaks and improvements for OS X 10.11 El Capitan
Fixed the crashing bug on OS X 10.11 El Capitan

OS -Mac OSX 10.8 or Later

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