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“What If Letting Go Of Your Ego Creates A Gravitational Field That Pulls Women Into Your Orbit & Unleashes Your Natural Ability To Recognize Attraction Signals Most Men Will Never See That Reveal How To Get The Girl Every Time?”The Answer Is Yes & If You're Ready To Discover An Almost Unknown Method That Frees You From Your Ego & Unleashes Your Natural Ability To Trigger Attraction In The Women You Desire, Keep Reading…

From: Swinggcat
Author of “Real World Seduction”

Dear friend,

Man-to-man, I want you to answer these questions honestly…

Have you ever failed to approach a woman you'd like to meet because…

You couldn't think of anything to say or what popped into your head felt like the wrong thing to say?
You believed you didn't have a chance with her?
You sized up your competition & thought you didn't have a chance against them?
You were riddled with fear & anxiety?
You thought she'd embarrass or reject you?
An unexplainable block prevented you from doing it?
You told yourself some lame excuse to avoid talking to her, such as, “I'll approach her later on,” “she's busy right now,” “she's in the middle of a conversation with her girlfriend,” “she probably has a boyfriend,” or “I'll just have one more drink before going in”?
Have you ever approached a woman &…

She ignored you?
She shut you down?
She thought you were weird or cheesy?
You said a canned pick up line that didn't go over well?
Has a woman's negative response to you approaching her ever left you feeling rejected, inadequate, or angry?

Have you ever been talking to a woman &…

The conversation came to a lull & you didn't know what to say next?
You got upset because she kept interrupting you, wasn't listening to you, or didn't laugh at your jokes?
You had an unsettling feeling that she was just being polite & wanted to escape ASAP?
She said something that made you feel emasculated?
You sensed she wasn't attracted to you?
Have you ever liked a girl but…

You grew frustrated because she failed to see you as a better catch than the losers she goes for?
You felt you couldn't compete with your better looking, smarter, or funnier friend?
A guy swooped in, took her from you, & left you feeling frustrated, inadequate, or jealous?
She showered another guy with attention, giggled at everything he said, & ignored you?
If yes, did you feel angry or think you lacked something he had?
You kept asking her out but she kept flaking on you or making excuses why she couldn't get together.
She wouldn't return your phone calls?
You didn't know how to make a move on her?
When you made a move on her, it went over awkward, she pushed you away, & you got angry at her or felt a little pathetic or unattractive?
She liked you back. But because you couldn't recognize her attraction signals, you lost your chance with her?
If you answered YES to any of these questions…

You've taken a big step to improving your success with women & have leg up on other guys.

Many of these questions are quite personal. I get it.

Even though every heterosexual male on the planet has experienced at least some of these things, most are too embarrassed to admit any of them.

But by you coming clean & telling the truth, you can address your issues & begin to fix them.

In fact, I created these questions from my own personal experiences with women. Along my journey I've experienced every single one multiple times.

To be brutally honest with you…

Many of these things aren't a figment of your imagination. They're firmly grounded in reality…

To demonstrate this…

I Want You To Imagine A Semicircle Of Gentlemen Suitors Hovering Around A Perfect 10.

Each one orbits her by showing off his most impressive traits the best he can.

After twenty minutes or so, a hierarchy forms in her mind.

The one at the top of the heap is the winner – the one she chooses.

Everyone else feels disappointed that they didn't get her.

One guy slumps away feeling like an inadequate half-a-man.

Another lashes out at her with, “You stuck up bitch.”

To be honest…

This can be a harrowing experience.

Unless You're Better Looking, Funnier, Richer, & More Interesting & Engaging Than Your Competition, You're Shit Out Of Luck.

& it gets worse…

The guy she chose may not be the winner for much longer. All his fantasies about kissing, doing the nasty, or even dating her may come to a crippling end.

If a more awesome dude comes into the picture, he may quickly replace him. Knock him out of the number one slot. & get the girl.

Conventional Courtship Is Survival Of The Fittest At Its Most Frightening…

With the advent of online dating, things couldn't get worse…

Women can choose from a pool of infinite mates offering up their penis on a platter.

They have the luxury of keeping their options open & waiting around for Mr. More-Awesome-Than-You.

That's why so many men end up settling for mediocre women – that's all they can get.

But Things Don't Have To Be This Way…

There's another path. One that circumvents all the bullshit. One that a few lucky men follow.

These are Take Charge Males. Often these men aren't the best looking, richest, smartest, funniest, or most interesting suitors a woman has.

Sometimes they don't even remotely resemble her “type.”


A Woman Will Always End Up Going For The Take-Charge Male Over Everyone Else…


While most men orbit around a woman & hope she chooses them, the Take-Charge Male plays the game in reverse by making the woman orbit him.

He Becomes Her Sole Source Of Validation & She Wants Nothing More Than To Please Him…
Instead of placing him on her totem pole of value, she worries where she fits on his.

How does he do this?

Years Ago, I Noticed That Every So Often Something Felt Different About My Interactions With Women.

By this point, I already knew how to create enough attraction that I could make out with & take home the women I wanted.

But this was different:

These women would tell me, “I've never felt this way towards a guy before. What are you doing to me?”


“You're not even my type & I hardly know you but you're making me all hot & bothered.”


“You definitely GET women.”

This was after knowing them only a few short minutes.

A few days after meeting them, they'd say things like, “I cannot stop thinking about you.”


“I couldn't concentrate at work because you were on my mind all day long.”


“I couldn't imagine being with any other guy besides you.”


“I was smitten with you from the moment I met you.”


“I know you're the one.”

“I know you're not the ‘settling-down' type & I'm not either. But you're the first man I've ever thought about marrying. Am I some kind of creep for saying this?”


“All I think about is making you happy.”

By the way, these women weren't donkeys or wildebeests – that kinda response is to be expected from a less than attractive woman.

They were hot – really hot.

& I didn't take the “Nice Guy” rout & pretend to be their girlfriend with a penis.

I slept with all of these women almost immediately after meeting them. In fact, two of the girls I bedded in under 20 minutes.

But to be honest…

I thought destiny struck & for some twisted reason I happened to closely match their ideal type.

Sometimes I was more realistic & chalked it up to them being psychos.

But then it started happening with woman after woman after woman.

I realized I couldn't be that many women's type – I'm an average looking guy who's a little on the short side.

& it was beyond me to believe that many women were crazy.

& then it donned on me…

It Wasn't Them But Me: I Was Doing Something Different…

Something that a few lucky guys do on a regular basis but don't know how they do it.

Something that maybe you've even done before.

Unfortunately, I didn't completely underst& what I was doing either & didn't know how to trigger it at will – it just kinda happened.

So I Set Out On A Five Year Odyssey To Unearth This Rare Form Of Attraction…

With the zeal of a monomaniacal madman, I almost killed myself hunting down an answer.

I spent almost every waking moment with a girl or picking up a new one. My game had reached a pinnacle. My instincts with women quickened to the speed of a whip. & my life resembled Hank Moody's from Californication – it became a real freak show.

But I Still Didn't Know Why Or How I Emotionally Drove Women To Line Up Around The Block To Please Me…

& then something terrible happened…

I had a stupid accident (that's a story for another time) & broke my leg.

I spent the next several months in almost complete isolation.

I read a lot – I mean a lot – & thought a ton about all my experiences with women into the wee hours of many a morning.

While I superficially understood how I got these women….

I Sensed Something Deeper Lurked Below The Surface – Something Much More Powerful…

But every time I'd attempt to wrap my clutches around it, it slipped away.

After a painful day of physical therapy, I created a diversion that took my mind off the throbbing leg & solitude.

The game was simple. I suspended my beliefs & experimented with seeing things from different perspectives. Such as imagining that the earth was flat & orbits the moon.

Sooner than later, I found myself applying this game to seduction.

& it hit me… light dawned on the whole… I saw it in plain view…

The hidden mechanism behind why I had such a powerful effect on women.

What Is The Secret Mechanism That Eliminates Your Competition, Turns You Into A Woman's Sole Source Of Validation, & Leaves Her Wanting Nothing More Than To Please You?

Polarity Attraction

How Do You Trigger Polarity Attraction?

Polarity attraction isn't triggered by being a woman's type.

It isn't triggered by haveing a large bank account, a high status job, or driving a sports car.

It isn't triggered by incessantly complimenting a woman, insulting her, or spending money on her.

It isn't triggered by making a woman laugh or charming her.

Even acting like the Prize, by itself, doesn't trigger Polarity Attraction.

While some of these things certainly can & do trigger attraction, they don't trigger Polarity Attraction.

What Yin & Yang Reveal About Polarity Attraction:

I'm sure you've seen the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol before:

The symbol depicts two polarities in nature: Yin & Yang.

In Taoist thought, Yin represents a Feminine Polarity & Yang represents a Masculine Polarity.

When these two polarities align, they attract each other like magnets.

In male-female human courtship, when the Masculine & Feminine polarities correctly align, women feel Polarity Attraction.

Sadly, most men reverse the polarities by projecting a Feminine Polarity. This throws women into a Masculine Polarity.

& guess what?

Women End Up Triggering Polarity Attraction In These Men Instead Of The Other Way Around…

I want you to answer a few of the questions I asked you earlier again & I want you to be brutally honest…

Have you ever been scared to approach or get physical with a hot woman?

Have you ever felt that a female was out of your league?

Have you ever found yourself racking your brain trying to come up with ways to make a girl like you?

Have you ever felt inadequate or angry because a woman rejected you?

Have you ever gotten jealous that a girl liked your friend but not you?

Have you ever found yourself obsessing over a woman who saw you only as a friend?

All of these things are symptoms of you reversing the polarities & the woman triggering Polarity Attraction inside you.


When You Project A Masculine Polarity, You Put The Woman In A Feminine Polarity, Pull Her Into Your Orbit, & Trigger Polarity Attraction In Her…

What does Polarity Attraction do to a woman?

It turns you into her sole source of validation & compels her to want nothing more than to please you.

Imagine Triggering Polarity Attraction In Your Perfect Woman…

… & A Few Minutes Later, She Wants Nothing More Than To Please You – & Only You…


If You Want To Trigger Polarity Attraction In Women, You Need To:

Gain Control Over Your Ego.
Develop Your Masculine Polarity.
Get Out Of your Head & Recognize Women's Attraction Signals.
If you fail to do these three crucial steps, you will never trigger Polarity Attraction in women.

Until you master these three steps, you'll continue to live in a world where the game is rigged & the best looking guys get all the girls.


If You Do These Three Crucial Steps, You'll Arouse Feelings In Her That Go Much Deeper Than What She Gets From Looks, Money, Humor, & Intelligence…

… You'll leave her other suitors dumbfounded & seething with jealousy. They'll ask her, “What does he have that I don't?”

Each of their complaints will push her further away from them & closer to you.

My Course Gives You The Tools To Master These Three Crucial Steps, So You Too Can Trigger Polarity Attraction In The Women You Desire…

Here's A Sneak Peek At What You'll Learn Inside The Masculine Polarity Audio Course….

Secret Psychology For Gaining Control Over Your Ego…

What we've learned so far…

When most men like a girl, they orbit her by catering to her needs & showing off their most impressive qualities to the best of their ability.

But that's not all…

Sometimes their fear of rejection & embarrassment prevents them from talking to or making a move on her.

& sometimes…
They struggle to think of the right thing to say & do.
What's The Origin Of This Destructive Behavior?

This Devious Little Bastard Controls Them:

Their Ego.

Ego defines itself in relation to women.

In other words…

Your Ego's Self-Worth Hinges On Being Liked By Women…

If you spot a woman you'd like to meet but your ego interrupts you with, “I don't feel like approaching that hottie right now,” “That girl looks totally bitchy,” or “She'd never go for me.”
& you don't approach her.

What are you doing by not approaching her?

You're protecting your ego from getting hurt.
If you feel angry, jealous, or inadequate because she gives your friend more attention than you, what are you doing?
Enabling your ego.

If you get upset or think that you're lacking something because a woman isn't attracted to you & goes for another man, what are you doing?
Enabling that little bastard.

If you try to impress a woman, feign interest in things you don't care about, & put her desires above your own, what are you doing?

Feeding your ego's need to be liked by her.

If you lash out at a woman for saying, “I'm not interested,” followed by a hint of pride that you put her in her place, what are you doing?

Enabling your ego. Feeding it. & rewarding it for its bad behavior.

We Can Liken The Sick, Codependent Relationship Most Men Have With Their Ego To A Battered Woman Sticking Up For Her Man…
Most men won't cop to their ego controlling them…
They'll tell you – & probably themselves as well – “Nah, man. I'm not attached to my ego. I could give two shits what women think about me.”
Up… there goes their ego again. Controlling them.
I'm willing to bet, at least to some degree…

Your Ego Controls You…

Accepting your ego & recognizing when it's trying to make you its bitch is the first step to…
Putting An End To Your Ego Controlling You…

If you don't…

Every time your ego chimes in, it will turn the woman in front of you into your sole source of validation, push you into a Feminine Polarity, pull her into a Masculine Polarity & prevent you from triggering Polarity Attraction.

Although you cannot get rid of your ego – it's like a parasitic twin attached to you for life – there's good news…

You don't have to identify with it.


Inside Masculine Polarity You'll Learn To Recognize When Your Ego's Trying To Control You & Develop The Skills To Put That Little Bitch In His Place…

When you do this, approach anxiety goes away, worrying about girls liking you disappears, insecurities evaporate, needy behavior goes bye-bye, & your days stuck in a Feminine Polarity will be long gone.

How Good Will It Feel When You Have Complete Freedom From All Of Your Insecurities?

Here's A Small Peek At The Skills You'll Develop For Controlling Your Ego…

My Complete System for annihilating your insecurities, eliminating your anxiety, & gaining absolute control over your ego.
A little known exercise that tracks every time your ego prevents you from talking to or pursuing a woman (& secret psychology that crushes the little bastard's subconscious control over you.)
How to destroy your need for external validation & prevent your self-worth from hinging on whether or not a woman likes you.
How to put the kibosh on your ego feeding you misinformation. (Sometimes your ego will tell you the wrong things to do with a woman & sabotage attraction. This exercise puts an end to that for good.)
An exercise that exposes all of your ego's crazy thoughts & nonsensical complaining. (Knowing what your ego's up to is a crucial step to controlling it.)
A mental trick that interrupt your ego's crazy bitching & instantly puts that weasel in his place.
Why most of the nice things you do for women – especially ones you've just met – stem from your ego. & how to stop this vicious cycle.
How a simple shift in perception forces you to stop identifying with your ego.
Why the male ego causes women to lie & sometimes cheat (& the secret to preventing this from ever happening to you).
How the ego creates unnecessary barriers to get past with a woman & the secret to preventing your ego from doing this to you.
How the ego prevents you from getting sexual with a woman & the trick to making that little bastard shut the F up.
Why your ego puts you into the frame of trying to win women over & how to stop this from happening.
How to stop feeding your ego's insecurities about your looks, job, smarts, humor… & so on. (This secret is a bit counter-intuitive. But once you master it, your insecurities will go bye-bye for good.)
When you gain freedom from your ego, you unleash your natural ability to attract the women you desire (Inside you'll learn the secret behind doing this.)
“How Will You Act Differently Around Women When You Finally Take Control Of Your Ego & Annihilate Every Last One Of Your Fears, Insecurities, & Needy Behaviors?

What a few men had to say about the Masculine Polarity course…

“Six weeks of doing the exercises in your course crushed a life-time of anxiety & fear. Now I can finally approach any girl I want & women can literally feel my power.”

Craig from Portl&

“Your course rid me of all the excuses I'd make. I'm meeting ten times as many women & dating more girls than I ever have. Thank you.”

Kent form Los Angeles

“I always thought I was the ugly duckling who'd never get the 10s. Your course made all of my ego's negative self-talk shut the hell up & realize that getting 10s isn't about haveing looks. It feels so good being able to make this caliber of woman feel attracted to me.”
Alan from El Paso, Texas

Rare Yet Powerful System Creates A Gravitational Field That Pulls Women Into Your Orbit & Makes You The Center Of Their Universe…

When the Nice Guy Chump interacts with a woman, he sees opportunities to please her & win points with her.

While this may strike you as “gallant,” he usually isn't doing it out of the kindness of his heart.

Instead, it stems from his ego.

His ego throws his locus of validation outward & keeps his perception locked within the confines of his own head.

In other words, his self-worth hinges on the validation he gets from a woman – validation that she likes him… validation that she finds him attractive… & validation that he's sexy & manly.

If she likes him, he sees himself as the sexiest & most interesting man in the world.

But if she doesn't, he sees himself as a LOSER.

Because he's more concerned with her validating his ego than going after what he authentically wants…

He Ends Up Placing Her Desires Above His Own.

Before taking the seduction forward, he passively waits for the woman to give him a signal that she's interested.

When she gives him a signal that she likes him, he asks permission to proceed in the form of a proposal – such as asking if he can have a phone number, a hug, or a kiss.

Each time he makes a proposal, she compares him to her other gentleman orbiters.

If any of her gentleman orbiters are better looking, funnier smarter, richer or more awesome than him, she'll deny the proposal & refuse to comply.

As a crippling consequence, a boundary erects that he's cautious not to transgress.

These Are All Symptoms Of Falling Into A Feminine Polarity & Being Pulled Into A Woman's Orbit.

If You're Guilty Of Any Of These Cardinal Sins, Don't Despair. I've Been Guilty Of All Of Them. & I'm About To Tell You What To Do About It.

When You Develop Your Masculine Polarity, You Live In A Very Different World From Nice Guy Chumps…

Projecting A Masculine Polarity Creates A Gravitational Field That Draws The Woman Into Your Orbit & Pulls Her Into A Feminine Polarity.

The deeper she falls into your orbit, the more Polarity Attraction she feels.

You become her sole source of validation & she wants nothing more than to please you.

Instead of seeing you in relation to other guys, she sees herself in relation to you & ends up backwards rationalizing that you have all the traits she's looking for in a man.

Instead of seeing barriers you can't cross, doors you have to ask permission to enter, & opportunities to win the girl over, you'll see in plain view exactly how to get her.


When You Pull A Woman Into Your Orbit By Putting Her In A Feminine Polarity, She Subconsciously Transmits An Attraction Signal Roadmap With Step-By-Step Instructions For Achieving The Outcome You Want…

Her Roadmap comprises of five types of Attraction Signals:

1) Signals for how specifically she wants to be validated.

2) Signals that she wants your validation in particular.

3) Signals that she wants nothing more than to please you.

4) Compliance Signals.

5) Signals to get physical with her.

But A Woman Will Only Transmit Her Attraction Signal Roadmap If You Do These Four Things…

# 1: Develop An Inward Locus Of Validation…

Your self-worth & identity can no longer hinge on the validation you get from women.

When you move your locus of validation inward, it does two important things…

One, it puts you in a Masculine Polarity & her into a Feminine Polarity.

Remember: Women display their Attraction Signal Roadmap only when they're pulled into a Feminine Polarity.

Two, it pushes your perception outward, so you can see their Roadmap.

# 2: Become Desire-Driven, Not Ego Driven…

When you allow a woman's desires to take precedence over your own, you're ego driven, not desire-driven.

In other words, you're more driven to quench your ego's need for validation than go after what you authentically want.

Take it as a sign that a woman has drawn you into her orbit & pulled you into a Feminine Polarity.

By putting your desires first, you'll pull the women into your orbit, & she'll transmit her attraction signals.

# 3:Take Initiative..

You need to stop making proposals that ask a woman permission to proceed & start taking the initiative.

If you sit around waiting for a woman to show interest in you before moving the seduction forward, you'll throw yourself into Feminine Polarity & she won't show you her Attraction Signal Roadmap.

Instead of pussyfooting around barriers, you need to bulldoze over them, pry them open, & turn them into attraction signals.

# 4: Cultivate Radical Honesty…

The need to lie stems from your ego.

Every time you lie to women or yourself, you're protecting & enabling your ego. You're allowing it to pull your locus of validation inward & throw you into a Feminine Polarity.

The antidote?

Radical Honesty with women & yourself.

When you're radically honest with women & yourself, what you authentically want (& don't want) shines through. They get pulled into a Feminine Polarity & put on display all of their attraction signals.

I know this is tough but it's of utmost importance.

Inside Masculine Polarity, You'll Develop A Powerful Inner Locus Of Validation, Learn How To Put Your Desires First, Master The Art Of Taking The Initiative, & Cultivate Radically Honesty…

You'll Also Discover Secrets For Exploiting Each & Every One Of Her Attraction Signals, So You Can Achieve The Outcome You Want…

Just mastering the skills mentioned so far would make you deadly with women.

But I don't stop there.


There's more…

You'll receive heaps of exercises that train you to take full advantage of each & every one of her attractions signals.

You'll learn how to use her signals to…

Lock her into your Masculine Polarity Frame (This puts her into the role of the pleaser. You into the role of the chooser. & makes you her sole source of validation. Once you set this frame, it's difficult for her to escape.)
Create more attraction signals (Why be happy with the attraction signals a girl's displaying. Get greedy. You'll learn how turn one attraction signal into three & two into six.)
Make her fulfill your desires (When women signal compliance or a need to please, most men think they've won the girl over & end up getting pulled into her orbit. Instead, you'll pull her deeper into your orbit by using each one of these signals to make her fulfill your desires.)
Get sexual with her (Instead of passively waiting for a woman to give you the green light, you'll learn secret psychology that exploits the signals she puts on display & compels her to signal that she wants you right now.)
After Mastering The Exercises, You'll Possess Genuine Skill At Pulling Women Into Your Orbit & Compelling Them To Want Nothing More Than To Please You…

An Inside Look At A Few Of The Masculine Polarity Skills You'll Develop…

My complete ten part Masculine Polarity System. (I've revealed a few of the parts in this letter. But you need to develop all ten parts to trigger Polarity Attraction in women.)
Secrets for exploiting a woman's Attraction Signal Roadmap, so you can get the outcome you want.
Step-by-step instructions on how to lock a woman into the Masculine Polarity Frame & over a dozen exercises for cultivating this skill.
The secret to getting in touch with what you authentically desire (& exercises that give you the power to communicate this to women.)
Why most men subconsciously solicit women to appease their insecurities & fragile ego instead of fulfilling their authentic desires & sneaky trick that stops you from doing this.
An almost unheard of technique for moving your locus of validation from outward to inward.
Heaps of exercises for developing Radical Honesty with women & especially yourself.
H&icapping – a nuclear technique for pulling a woman into your orbit & moving her towards the outcome you want.
Three forms of h&icapping, one of which forces her to make costly investments in you. (She sees her costly investment as an honest indicator that you're the man she wants to please.)
Exercises that teach you how to track every time you subconsciously ask a woman for permission in the form of a proposal, so can you can put an end to this ego-seeking, do-eyed-do-gooder, manipulative behavior.
Exercises that cultivate your ability to take the initiative from the beginning of the seduction to the end.
How to get a woman to accept your physical touch from the get-go by setting the Touch Precedent.
Imagine Creating A Gravitational Field That Pulls Hotties Into Your & Leaves Wanting You & Only You…

What a few men had to say about the Masculine Polarity course…

“Bro, this shit's unreal. I used your Masculine Polarity on an 8.5 the other night & had her going down on me in a bathroom stall 20 minutes later.”
Todd from San Diego

“This course is on a whole different level. With Masculine Polarity, I can literally feel my gravitational field pulling girls into my orbit & see all their attraction signals. You rock.”
Michel from Lyon, France

“Before your course I was so needy & had a bad feminine polarity. Everything is different now. I'm dating three ridiculously hot girls I would have never gotten before Masculine Polarity. & even my good looking friends cannot compete with me anymore.”
John from Chicago

A Little Known Method That Pushes You Outside Your Head & Makes You Recognize Attraction Signals Other Men Will Never See That Reveal Exactly How To Get The Girl…

Sometimes men unknowingly draw women into the their orbit & put them in a Feminine Polarity.

But it does them little good.

Because They're Stuck In Their Head, Their Chances Of Recognizing A Woman's Attraction Signals Are On Par With A Blind Batter Hitting A Ball…

If you cannot see a woman's attraction signals, you'll have to make shot-in-the-dark guesses about what to say & do – guesses that are almost always wrong.

& it gets worse…

Maybe you accidentally pulled a woman into your orbit. If she you cannot recognize her attraction signals, you won't keep her there long. Sooner than later, she end up pulling you into her orbit.

The Two Most Common Ways Men Attempt To Escape The Prison Of Their Own Head…

# 1

Excessive Drinking…

This allows them to approach women & act bold & free spirited around them.

But at what cost?

While alcohol numbs their ego & allows them to get outside of their head, it dulls down their perception of what's going on. They end up acting mindless, instead of mindful, & misread women's attraction signals.

# 2

Using Memorized Pickup lines…

Usually they hear a guy at a bar use a line on a woman that gets a great reaction.


They watch or read about some great routine for getting women in bed on the internet.

They memorize it & start using it on women.

If they're a bit more advanced, they'll, almost like a comedian, write their own material.

In the beginning, they feel they're getting great reactions from women.

But over time, something starts to happen…

The memorized pickup line or canned routine doesn't seem to work anymore.

So what do they do?

They get new canned material to use on women, their excitement returns, they think they're getting good results with women again… & the vicious cycle continues.

Like a new shirt, the novelty of the canned material gives them false confidence but wears thin after a while.

& something worse happens…

Over The Long Haul, Memorized Pickup Lines & Canned Routines Make You Socially Dumber, Weirder, & Oblivious To Women's Attraction Signals…

Canned material is a lot like GPS. If you're directionally challenged, GPS is a godsend.

But what starts to happen over time?

You begin to rely on it. Your sensitivity to your environment deadens. You lose awareness & orientation of where you are & where you're going.


Relying On Canned Material Deadens Your Sensitivity To Your Environment & The Attraction Signals Women Transmit…

If you ask a guy who's genuinely good with women about canned material, he'll probably say, “Man, that's lame. Use the situation.”

Good advice.

But here's the problem…

That's all he tells you.

When most men hear this….

They End Up Racking Their Brain, Trying To Think Of Something In Their Environment To Comment On…

That's exactly what you don't want to do: go back inside your head & think.


When You're In The Moment, You'll Clearly See Her Attraction Signals & They'll Show You Exactly What To Say & Do…

I've spent years studying a branch of philosophy called “Phenomenology” – specifically Martin Heidegger & Maurice Merleau-Ponty.

One big take away I got from their work is this: when we're at our best, we're completely absorbed in the moment, mindful of what's going on around us, & don't think but see what to do.

Some People Refer To This Experience As Being In Flow.

We've all had it before. But few people know how to access it. For most people, it just kind of happens accidentally.

I didn't want to settle for the occasional flow experience. I wanted access to it 24-7.

So after years of research & experimentation…

I've Come Up With A Method That Keeps You In Flow & Develops Your Skill At Recognizing A Woman's Attraction Signal Roadmap…

Once you master my method, you'll recognize all five types of attraction signals & see clearly what to do to get the girl.

That means no more pickup lines or racking your brain about how to approach her.


As Soon As You Spot A Woman You'd Like To Meet, You'll Instantly See The Right Way To Approach Her…

That means no more wondering if she's interested or how to get sexual with her.


You'll See Exactly How To Turn Luke-Warm Interest Into Unbridled Lust & Get Her From Clothed To Naked.

That means no more haveing awkward conversations with women, no more being tongue-tied, & no more relying on memorized conversational gambits that don't fit the situation.


Attraction Signals & Environmental Cues Will Show You What To Do & Say To Get Her…

The system rewires your brain to make connections between relevant things in the situation your in with the woman.

These connections solicit a specific action from you.

& there's more…

H&s Down, This Is The Most Powerful System For Vibing With Women…

The system rewires your brain to make connections between relevant things in the situation your in with the woman.

These connections solicit a specific action from you.

From your words & actions, the mirror neurons in her brain pick up on the pattern in which you're making these connections.

This Forces Her To See The World Similarly To You..

The two of you start noticing & laughing at the same things in your environment. You guys start thinking the same thoughts.

In other words, this system pulls women into your vibe.

When You First Start Developing This Skill, You'll Notice Attraction Signals Trying To Show You How To Get The Girl…

But you'll probably resist.

You'll feel the urge to stay within your comfort zone & fall back on your default, auto-pilot spiel. Or use a canned pickup line. Or, even worse, recede back into your head & think about what to say & do.

I get it.

What's Within Our Comfort Zone Always Feels Like The Right Thing To Do – Even If It Rarely Works.

Us Human Are Creatures Of Habit.

Don't do this.


It's imperative that you resist this temptation, step outside your comfort zone, trust what these Attraction Signals tell you, & take the risk by doing what they ask.

I get you: Easier said than done.

That's Why Inside The Masculine Polarity Course I've Included Heaps Of Exercises That Develop Your Ability To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Trust What The Attraction Signal Tells You, & Take The Risk By Doing What It Asks…

Here's A Small Taste Of What You'll Learn About Recognizing A Woman's Attraction Signals…

My complete method for recognizing attraction signals most men will never see that show you exactly how to get the girl.
Sixteen exercises that reprogram your perception, so that the right thing to say & do literally pops out at you. (Once you master this, you'll never be at a loss of what to say or do again.)
Subtle Attraction Signals to look for that reveal exactly how to get physical with a woman & exercises that sharpen your skill at recognizing these Signals.
A simple test that reveals how open or closed a woman is to physical touch & gives you a roadmap on how to get physical with her – even if she's closed.
An exercise for turning off your internal dialogue & turning on your awareness of a woman's attraction signals.
A simple trick that pulls you out of your head & keeps your perception in the here & now.
Three largely forgotten modes of perception vital to recognizing a woman's attraction signals. (Develop these modes of perception & you'll recognize signals most men are blind to.)
An exercise that allows you to see the world through a master pickup artist's eyes & recognize attraction signals he sees that other men cannot.
A Buddhist secret for acting in & on the moment.
Over 25 exercises that keep you in flow & in the moment, & develop your ability to draw an endless stream of relevant conversation topics out of your interactions with women.
How to vibe with a woman by making her see the world just like you (That means she'll notice what you're noticing, think similar thoughts, laugh at the same jokes, & feel the same emotions.)
The secret to controlling the vibe with your energy levels & emotional states.
Five exercises that develop your ability to trust a woman's attraction signals & take the risk by doing what they ask.
What If You Could Rewind The Clock & Go Back To Your Past Interactions With Women… But Armed With These Skills…

What Kind Of Outcome Would You Get?

What a few men had to say about the Masculine Polarity course…

“I cannot tell you, Swinggcat, how many girls slipped by because I couldn't see their attraction signals. You, my man, have prevented that from happening ever again.”

Lee from Arizona
“I had over ten hours of memorized material I'd use on women. But once I ran out of stuff women lost interest. This made me hate the real me. With Masculine Polarity, I don't need any of that crap. I think on the fly, act like myself, & women are ten times more attracted to me than before.”
Chris from New York
“I'm a real analytic guy & was always at a loss of what to say or I'd over-think it. Your whole system of getting me out of head & keeping me in the moment has changed me. Now I see what to do & I'm never at a loss about what to say. Huge Thank You, Thank You.”
Justin from Boston

Masculine Polarity Is Positively Not For Everybody

Although this isn't for everyone it is for you…

If you're ready to gain complete freedom from your ego, insecurities, & anxiety & start getting the results you want with the women you want.
If you have even a smidgen of interest in possessing the power to create a gravitational field that pulls women into your orbit & makes them want to please you & only you.
If you're ready to start recognizing attraction signals most men will never see that show you exactly how to get the girl.
If you''d like to get out of your head, stop over-thinking situations with women, & start instantly knowing what to do & say to approach, talk to, & get sexual with the girls you want.
If you're already phenomenal with women & looking to take your skills to the next level.
If you've read this far…
Who Isn't Masculine Polarity For?

Men attached to & in love with their ego. (Honest to God, some people are in love with their ego. No matter how much their ego abuses them, they're unwilling to let it go.)
Complacent men who are happy as a lark with the mediocre results they're currently getting.
Men set in their ways (Even though what they're doing isn't working, they're determined to keep doing it).
& men experiencing so much success with women, they couldn't h&le any more.
Why The Masculine Polarity Course Is Different From Other Courses…

Many dating courses contain a few pearls of wisdom, some interesting ideas, & lots of great lines to spew at women.

All the great lines & routines from these courses boost your morale.

You memorize each one &, similar to getting a new shirt, your confidence goes through the roof. You feel unstoppable with women.

But after a few weeks or months, the placebo effect wears off & you slump back into getting the same old mediocre results with women.

Here lies the problem:

97% Of Dating Advice Courses Pump You Full Of False Confidence & Give You Temporary Fixes…

But They Fail To Get To The Root Of Your Problems, Address Your Underlying Issues, & Give You Lasting Solutions…

Masculine Polarity is different because…

# 1

It changes you from the inside out by teaching you how to let go of your ego, quell your anxiety, & control your emotions.

Many courses are filled with techniques that trick you into thinking you could get any woman.

But you know what happens?

It isn't pretty…

As soon as there's a woman you'd like to approach, the fear returns. Your ego keeps your feet planted on the ground & your mouth zippered shut. You end up feeling worse about yourself than before you did the exercise.

Sometimes these courses have techniques good enough to get you actually talking to women. But as soon as you get a bad reaction from one, your confidence withers away.

This may drive you to seek out more techniques for getting that good feeling back.

…. & the vicious cycle continues…

These courses fail to develop any genuine & lasting confidence in you.

Reality Check: Everyone has moments when they feel on top of the world & moments when they feel down-&-out.

When you're put in a high-stress environment, it's challenging to maintain a positive emotional state & keep your ego in check.

That's why genuine confidence isn't an emotional state.

Instead, genuine confidence is a skill. It's the ability to keep your anxiety & ego in check & gain control over your emotional state in high-stress environments.

Once you develop genuine confidence, you'll have zero desire to chase down feel-good techniques because you'll possess the ability to feel good from the inside.

Inside Masculine Polarity, You'll Receive Dozens Of Exercises That Develop Genuine & Lasting Confidence In You…

… So You Too Can Keep Your Ego & Anxiety In Check & Change Your Emotional State In A Blink Of An Eye, Giving You The Ability To H&le High-Stress Situations With Women.

# 2

The Masculine Polarity course develops your ability to recognize a woman's Attraction Signals that reveal exactly how to get her…

The marketplace is filled with experts hocking secret lines or routines “guaranteed” to make women wet in the panties every time.

I get the appeal. Wouldn't it be great if you could spout off a bunch memorized material like a mindless robot & women would line up to sleep with you?

The cold-hard truth: There's no one-size-fits-all line that works on every women. Each woman is different. Heck, what a woman will respond well to changes from moment to moment depending on the environment & her emotional state.

You may protest, “But, Swinggcat, I'm using a canned line that works great for me.”

I get it. Been there, done that.

While you may be getting some results now, eventually it will stop working.

Here's why:

Most likely, the canned pick up line isn't doing a damn thing to women.

Instead, it's bringing you momentary false confidence.

When it stops working, you may seek out another one – one that promises to be even more powerful.

That may work for a while but eventually will stop working as well.

As you progress on this downward spiral, you may notice something happening: overall you aren't getting better with women but worse.

That's because over time, reliance on canned pick up lines dulls your sensitivity to a woman's Attraction Signals. In other words, canned material makes you dumb as a stump.

The Masculine Polarity course moves in the opposite direction…

Instead of relying on canned lines…

Masculine Polarity Gives You Heaps Of Exercises That Make You Hyper-Aware Of A Woman's Attraction Signals… Signals Most Men Will Never See… Signals That Spell Out Exactly How To Get The Girl…

Here's What You Get With The Masculine Polarity Course…

Access To Over 8 hours of recorded material.
Four Masculine Polarity workbooks chock full of skills, drills, & exercises for developing Masculine Polarity with women.
Before I turned Masculine Polarity into an audio course, it was a live program where I took men out & taught them how use Masculine Polarity on women.

Many called me months later & said it was the best $10,000 they ever spent..

If you knew beyond a shadow of doubt that a $10,000 investment would completely transform your dating life & bring you the success you were looking for, would you make it?

Heck, if information like this existed when I was starting out, I would have found a way to get the money for this. It would have saved me years of frustration trying to figure this stuff out on my own.

With the audio version, you get all the same information – plus a lot more.

& your investment today won't even be near $10,000.

But hypothetically, imagine that the price was $5,000.

Would it be worth $5,000 if this course gave you the tools to take control of your ego & annihilate every last insecurity you had? Over a lifetime many people spend way more than $5000 on therapy & have nothing to show for it.

So would it be worth it?

Is there a woman right now you kind of like but, unfortunately, she sees you as just a friend?

Would it be worth $5,000 if this course gave you the skills to make her dripping with lust for you – & only you?

Would it be worth $5,000 if this course put an end to yet another girl slipping away because you were oblivious to her Attraction Signals?

I'm willing to bet it would be worth a lot more than that.

But your investment today isn't even gonna cost $1,000.

It's not even going to cost you $500.

Even though the Masculine Polarity course will probably save you years of time, frustration, &, not mentioned thous&s of dollars, your investment is only 3 easy payments of $99.97.

That's much less than most people spend on alcohol a year & sometimes even a month.

It's much much less than a h&ful of dinners with a woman.

Over the course of a year, it's less than a dollar a day.

Imagine A Life Free Of Insecurities & Replete With The Power To Attract The Women You Want On The Terms You Want – All For A Measly 82 Cents A Day…

Take Masculine Polarity For A 7 DAY Test Drive For A Single Dollar

I'm going to give you access to my entire Masculine course for 7 days for a single dollar. You'll have a chance to go through the whole course. Go out & apply all of the secrets I reveal. You'll have an opportunity to see for yourself that I know what I am talking about.

Why am I doing this?

For years, whenever I wanted to learn about something, I was reluctant to invest money into educational material.

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that if the investment paid off, I'd make it in a heartbeat. But I didn't. & because of that I squ&ered away years trying to figure out things on my own.

There's a good chance you're the same way. But life is short & your love life is no laughing matter.

That's why I've taken all the risk out of this investment by letting you test drive Masculine Polarity for 7 days for a single dollar.

If Masculine Polarity is not for you – which I highly doubt – you can cancel anytime within the seven trial period.

If you'd like to keep Masculine Polarity, you don't need to do anything further. Your credit card will automatically be billed.

Here's something to keep in mind…

If you've read this far, you're serious about improving this area of your life. About changing your lifestyle with women. Yes?

So here's what I want you to do: Get started today, right now, by clicking the download button below.


Studies show, when people procrastinate, more often than not, they NEVER take action.

If you don't take action right now, there's a good chance you'll never take action. Your ego will continue to control you, your insecurities will fester & your dating life will worsen.

But by taking action right now, this second, you're taking the first steps to gaining control over your ego, getting outside of your head, & experiencing the women you want on the terms you want.

Just imagine how good it will feel seeing what other men can't & knowing exactly how to get the girl you want.

Click the “Instant Access” button below & take your first leap to towards the success you want & deserve.

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