Udemy – Learn MIS (Management Information System) by GoLearningBus
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A simple introduction to Management Information System via a set of 14 videosGain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in information technology dominated corporate world.

About this course

1. This MIS course will cover MIS tech infrastructures (Software, Cloud, Databases, Big Data)

2. The MIS development and communication process

3. The main integrated MIS systems: ERPs, CRM and SCM

What you'll learn

Understand Management Information Systems (MIS) and their role in today’s organizations.
Identify how MIS shapes and controls modern job and how to use this insight to enhance your career prospects.
Become familiar with the major trends in MIS and MIS infrastructures (Cloud, Big Data, ERPs, outsourcing) and how these evolution will affect workplaces and business strategies.
Bridge the MIS-related “digital gap” that exists, after basic computer literacy, in most professional jobs.

Topics Include

1. Introduction,

2. Strategic and Competitive Opportunities,

3. Business Hardware,

4. Business Software,

5. Computer Based Communications,

6. Computer Networks,

7. Databases and Data Warehouses,

8. Decision Support and Expert System,

9. System Development,

10. Sourcing,

11. Security Information Systems,

12. Emerging Trends and Technologies.

The instructor has MBA in MIS from University of Arizona.






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