World Flight Pro

Kategorie: Reisen
Aktualisiert: 04.03.2015
Version: 1.4.17
Größe: 6.5 MB
Sprachen: Chinesisch, Englisch
Entwickler: Lingling Pan
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Kompatibilität: Erfordert iOS 5.0 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.



The best all-in-one & professional App of Flight Tracking. With this ONLY ONE App, you can not only easily search and follow any flights in your personal list, but also quickly track nearly 17,000 airports and 100,000 flights all around the world!

Before this App, generally speaking, you need to buy two kinds of Apps, with one for tracking airports and the other for searching flights. There is no one App offer these two services at same time, until NOW!

We totally understand and consider about the needs of the travelers and biz people. Therefore, you are welcome to go through the Arrivals and Departures board of any airport in the world and timely renew the information of any flight for the Terminal and Gate, together with the info of Arrival or Departure time, and even the most announcement of Cancel or Delay. At the same time, you will love the new function of following up to 100 flights, checking the updated list of your followed flights info at any time, anywhere!

This App offers you the most professional and MUJI Style design for visually anti-fatigue. Different from the colorful but exhausting design of nearly 100 letters & numbers on each screen, this App may protect you from visually fatique caused by frequently reloading.

1) Easily search the airport, flight and date and get your flight in a second
2) Follow up to 100 flights in your follow list (the most surprising function for both frequent biz and travel need)
3) Professional data for international and domestic airflights (nearly 17,000 airports and 100,000 airflights all around the world)
4) Easily setting to track your favorite airports and swich between Arrivals and Departures
5) Unique & decent function for switch between two time zones (we know how you always doubt about the two time zones!)
6) Instantly reload the updated information
7) Most clearly display the details of each flight
8) Unique & decent function for switch between two time zones
9) Professional design of MUJI style for anti-fatigue


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