Creativemarket FIESTALOGY! Font 448451



Creativemarket FIESTALOGY! Font 448451




Greetings from FIESTALOGY! It obsessively loves to be a part of events and festivals, it’s born that way. Come in regular italic and outline version, it can be both laid back and more bold-attituded. Best of the best, it’s ultimately welcoming to be friended with any colors and combinations.

The basic personalities of Fiestalogy are playful and cheerful. Better, since it’s not a loner, it comes with the vector pack of celebration icons, swashes, and the family of ampersands. They are meant to cheer up anything they are put into: brand/store names, events, party invitations, festival. Literally, everything that sparks up the joy around!




Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard)

Accents (Multilingual characters)

Bonus Vector Pack : celebration icons, ampersands, and swashes



P A S S W O R D : 687968451989999999999GFXTRA



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