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TITLE: IDW # 292: Auto Racing Mech.


Deadline: Sunday, 29th November

Following the expansion of the automotive industry in the late 2100’s into personalised mechanical transport units, it wasn’t long before their competitive nature got the better of them and the Auto Racing Mech Series was born. The major car manufacturers including Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi and Ford all developed high speed long distance ‘running’ mechs to compete in the annual Trans European Endurance Race from Lisbon, Portugal to Budapest, Hungary.

Using an iconic car manufacturer as a basis this fortnights challenge is to design a single occupancy, long distance, high speed mech. Assume the race would have all the necessary pit stops, full team crews and support for a 48 hr 800+ mile distance race. Think about scale, fuel supply and ability to navigate terrain; will it be light, sleek, fast machine restricted to flat ground and road surfaces, or a heavy powerful and robust beast capable of climbing over the snowy alps!

1. Design and draw a Auto Racing Mech.
2. That’s it… now draw! :lifedrawing:

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