Welcome to the (Jessica Szohr) Fashion Thread

by Blackened Sky

(Style Philosophy)

“Simple and comfy.
No matter what I wear,
it has to be something easy that I can move in.
I don’t like things very fitted…
I’m usually in boyfriend jeans, a T-shirt and flats.”
-on her personal style (The CheapChica’s Guide to Style)

“Go to Target and get a simple wife beater in the boys’ section…
It’s really cute with cool accessories.”
-on being a recessionista-at-heart ( The CheapChica’s Guide to Style)

Her shopping habits may now include luxury shops in New York City,
but she still loves thrift store shopping and finding gems in second-hand shops.

“I know this is going to sound lame,
but don’t be trendy just to be trendy.
If you like a certain thing, just do it!
I think when things are too trendy,
you lose that something special.”
(mystyle: Jessica Szohr – mystyle.com)

“I just go with my gut and know my body and what fits me.”
– Jess for Teen Vogue, October 2009

Jessica Szohr is the most ‘Kate Moss’ of all the Gossip Girls.
-Glamour Magazine (France)

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