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We always encourage new posters to join us and show our love for Zac.
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Staying on Topic; No Star Posting:
It doesn’t seem to be a big issue at the Zac board, but just a general rule to keep in mind: There is to be no “chatty/star” posting on this board. This rule is also in the general FF rules. If one of the moderators sees you star posting, you will be PMed and asked to stop.

Examples of “star/chatty”posting would be: “Hi, Bye, How are you?” Not to say you can’t say hi or bye to your friends, but please make sure your post adds to the discussion of the thread. If, at the moment, you really can’t add something constructive and relevant to the topic of the thread, then we ask that you wait until you can.

For anything else, we have a perfectly good off topic thread you can post in, including just alerting a fellow poster about a PM

Picture Thread:
As it stands now, we are only to post pictures of Zac ONLY in the picture thread. This rule will remain. Pictures featuring any key females in Zac’s life: (Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Brittany Snow and Nikki Blonsky) are to remain in their designated threads.

If you disagree with any of these rules, as the moderators and management has approved, please send a moderator of the board a PM and state your case. We will review it and get back to you in a few days.*
— Posting Pictures: Please make sure that any picture you post is no wider than 800 pixels as it stretches the board. Also, if you quote a post and it includes a picture and/or video, please make sure to change the URL to a link so that the picture is not included in the post.

— Personal Pictures: To respect Zac’s privacy we ask that you make sure a picture is not a private one, before you post it. If you are unsure, feel free to PM a moderator.

— Spoiler Pictures & Icons: Pictures of clips, episode stills and filming pictures of scenes from an upcoming episode or movie that are available on the Internet and have not been aired on television or have not been shown at the movie theatre before the movie is released are considered to be spoilerish, and they should only be posted in designated threads for the upcoming episode or movie. These images should not be used for icons either. If a moderator PMs you about your icon, please remove it.Linking to Other Message Boards:
We are not permitted to link to other message boards here. If one of the moderators sees that you have, we will PM you and remove the link.

Starting New Threads:
Please make sure to check the Intro Thread or look around the board before starting a new thread. We would appreciate it if all Survivor threads were sent to us before posting, so we can make sure the thread is spoiler safe. Also, if you’re not sure about a thread you want to open or need help opening a thread, please ask. We are here to help

We always welcome new threads, we just want to make sure it is the right thing for the board before it is started. If a thread has reached 300 posts, then it is okay to start the new thread without asking a mod first. Also, if you need help opening a thread, please ask. We are here to help.

Anti-Thread Policy:
Anti threads are not allowed on the Zac Efron board.

Thread Titles:
Keeping hints of sexual relationships OUT of the thread titles, because it can easily come across as disrespect to the celebrities and the fans. If you are unsure of a title, please bring it up with a moderator. If there is no moderator on the board, please choose a safe title. You can always use wanted titles for the next thread.

Bashing & Dissing of Others:
There is to be absolutely NO bashing on this board whatsoever! This includes bashing against actors, writers/producers, FF members, fanbases. Offensive icons\avatars , artworks, signatures, thread titles may also be considered bashing. According to Fan Forum rules and guidelines anti-avatars and signatures are allowed. However, that does not mean that “anything goes.” Please use good judgment and respect in your forms of self-expression. If you are in doubt regarding your avatar or signature, please PM one of the moderators and we’d be glad to help you out.

Lurking in threads you do not support the character or ships of and then going back into the ones you do, and talking about what was said is also NOT allowed on this board. It just causes more problems.

If you are having an issue with another poster please contact one of the moderators to explain the problem. Please keep all issues off of the board and contact the poster if you feel the need to via PM.

Signatures & Avatars/Icons:
According to the FanForum rules and guidelines anti-avatars and signatures are allowed. However, that does not mean that “anything goes.” Avatars and signatures can be used as a form of bashing the same as posts, and bashing is against the rules. Please note the following clarifications regarding this matter:


Avatars & signatures which bash actors, writers/producers, fanbases, shipper groups or individual posters are not allowed. Offensive or bad language is not permitted.

Please use good judgment and respect in your forms of self-expression. If you are in doubt regarding your avatar or signature, please PM one of the moderators and we’d be glad to help you out.

Respecting Each Other and Zac around the Board:
It’s fine that the posters on relationship threads want to appreciate the chemistry between the actors, but they also have to respect his real life choices. Aside from the shipper rules, everyone needs to respect others opinions. Nothing should be taken personally as we are all here for one reason – Zac. While we may have our different perspectives, ultimately we’re just here to discuss Zac, if you feel like something is personally attacking you, PM one of the three mods. We do not need to like one another, but we do need to respect each others opinions.

Double & Triple Posting:
This is also against the general FF rules. Please refrain from having two, three or even more posts in a row. However, there are exceptions:

When :ff: or your computer is running slow and freezes or times out on you and accidentally puts more than one post through, we understand you can’t control that

If there’s a thread which hasn’t been posted in for a while and you’d like to add to it with new information, then you can post. But other than that, please do NOT double or triple post

If you have more than 35 icons you want to share and have an account that is “locked,” then it is okay to post twice in a row. But if your account is public, please link to it. (Hosting site examples: LiveJournal, Photobucket, or TinyPic).

By replying to this post, you are stating that you have read this post, and you are now liable for your actions as a poster. So we ask that you reply to this thread only after you have read this entire post. Thanks.

* If both moderators are on vacation or taking a few days off, we will PM you back once we have had a chance to discuss the issue or question.__________________
Please ask before opening any relationship and/or game threads

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