Wild Season


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Albino Lullaby is a horror adventure game that doesn’t rely on jump scares or gore. Escape from a surreal psychological nightmare as the world dynamically twists and contorts around you.




Wild Season – Episode 1 (c) Quickfire Games

Release Date : 8th December, 2015
Protection  : Steam
Type        : Indie, RPG, Simulation
Size        : 1 Disc


After weeks of being down on your luck in the big city, you’ve found your
calling: farming! A real estate agency is selling a beautiful farm property down
south, and amazingly, you have just enough in your savings to buy it outright!
Risking it all, you decide to leave the city tonight in hopes of starting your
farming dreams tomorrow!

Except you almost immediately get caught in a bad storm, total your car, and are
now stuck in a foreign town with some of the strangest people you’ve ever met.
Even worse, the before-thought beautiful farm is in severe disrepair and,
according to the townsfolk, was never for sale in the first place! You now find
yourself in a seemingly hostile town where one mystery seems to just stack on

Only one thing’s for sure: the town is hiding something.


Unrar, mount/burn, install the game, copy crack and play!

Genre: Action

Format: ISO | Größe: 376.08 MB | Parts: 2

Hoster: UL, SO,



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