Computer Science: HTML 5
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Jim Hague combines 15+ years of developing media products and teaching web design classes to bring Educator’s capstone HTML 5 course to life. Jim has a M.S. in Biogenetics but has spent his career working on 300+ websites using HTML and other powerful languages and software. Jim has grown along with the web and is able to teach HTML to brand new web developers or dive into the important changes in HTML 5 for experienced programmers. able code with each lesson also allows learners to program along with Jim as he builds a sample website utilizing the newest features learned. The course covers everything from New Features to Planning, Tags, Videos, Hyperlinking, and Forms.

I. Introduction
Overview of HTML 5 5:14
Types of Websites 7:46
What is HTML? 6:09
Creation of the Internet 25:35
The Impact in Our Lives 15:11
Careers in Web Development 23:25

II. Getting Started
Tools for Use 11:45
Planning A Web Site 14:56
Storyboarding 6:42
Elements, Attributes and Tags 12:12
Starting the Project 6:20

Header Tags 43:14
Text Styling 15:59
Information Tags 11:44
Tags Used to Emphasize Words 8:02
Tags Used to Arrange Text 17:10
Phrase Tags 5:32
Images 13:04
Hyperlinking 25:50
Tables 16:51
Forms 22:34
Additional Form Elements 6:23
The Form Tag 8:29
Form Action 6:20
Audio 7:06
Video 6:47
Iframe 13:29
Character Codes 10:58
Simple Java Script 15:15
Finishing Up 8:49[center]


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