Welcome to the Tenth Rachel & Chandler appreciation thread!

This is the thread to talk about Rachel Green and Chandler Bing, rather you like them as friends or a couple, if you like them, come talk about them here.

1. Gracie
2. sweetpoison
3. BA4eva
4. SharTheLove
5. lisztomania
6. whataboutlove?
7. BrathanSupporter
8. Sincerely, Me.
9. always protect you
10. Bec =)
11. SaraLove8
12. Penny Lane



Thread Vault:
Rachel and Chandler Appreciation Thread #1- Because they steal cheesecakes together!
Rachel and Chandler Appreciation Thread #2- ‘Cause he thought he killed her when they kissed!
Rachel/Chandler Appreciation Thread #3 R: “You can’t just say, “Nice to meet you. Good night?”C:”To her face?”
Rachel/Chandler Appreciation Thread #4- B/C One Funny, One Fashionable, Both Fantastic
Rachel/Chandler Appreciation Thread #5- C: What did you think? That elves came in and fixed it? R: No. Angels.

If anyone has anything to contribute, art, icons, etc… post it in the thread and I’ll add it to the opening.

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