Rimi Sen is the next eliminated contestant of ‘Bigg Boss 9- Double Trouble’. Read on…

With the much delayed eviction finally happening today, Rimi Sen gets her much needed freedom from the Bigg Boss house. We got in touch with ‘Mein Aisi Hi Hoon’ contestant of ‘Bigg Boss 9- Double Trouble’. She reveals about her entire journey, about the co-contestants and much more…

Have a look:-

I thought it would be scripted but it is all real.

I never expected all this would be so real in the house, which got me panic. The show has taught me a lot from staying with unknown people to cooking, that I have never done in my life earlier. I can now survive alone anywhere, can cook Parathas, Bhindi, Aloo-Jeera, Rice, Dal, Chini parathas and much more by myself. This is something Bigg Boss has taught me and will help me for lifetime.

I was not getting any extra privileges for being a bollywood actress.

Why do people even think that just by coming from bollwyood would have helped me to stay at ease in the house. This is not true, there was a senior actor Aman Yatan Verma in the house and also Kishwer, who has worked for so many years like around 17 years and was still working hard, despite of having a great fan following. Everyone in the house is a celebrity. The only thing is all understood me well and as a human being they never forced me to do something, which I was not comfortable with.

Salman Khan tried to motivate me to a great extent.

So, even I tried to give my 100 percent. I had come to the show to gain an experience and not to win the show. So I was just relaxing, without getting indulged into any sort of arguments and fights.

Stating that my Bank balance is increasing, was not a strategy!

After some weeks, I got tired of saying that I want to go back home. So feeling helpless and just to make myself happy, I told “At least my bank balance is increasing in this house.” As had it been any other game show, it would have surely required me to go out and work rigorously, which was not there in the Bigg Boss house as they were properly taking care of all the contestants.

I asked Rochelle to stay back because Prince Narula has an aggressive nature.

During that argument, I told Rochelle that arguing with a boy would be of no use. Because someone like Prince being in front, whose nature is very aggressive, Rochelle couldn’t have beat him in the argument. I personally stay away from anyone who is aggressive and stronger than me to avoid any unnecessary argument. Also if any weaker person comes in front of me, I prefer to avoid any sort of arguments because ‘MEIN AISI HI HOON’.

I didn’t wanted to take any drastic or dramatic step by leaving the house.

Everyone questioned me for not leaving the house, when Bigg Boss himself gave a chance. But then, Bigg Boss had mentioned that whoever disrespected the show shall leave from the main gate. And this is not true, I never disrespected the show. Whatever I used to do, was in fun and for entertainment or else they would not have telecast it and directly asked me to leave the house.

Kishwer Merchantt should win.

I think she is the most deserving person in the house, who should take the Bigg Boss trophy home.

Rochelle and Mandana do not deserve to win.

The contestants who do not deserve to win the game are Rochelle Maria Rao and Mandana Karimi.

I would definitely meet Suyyash Rai and Kishwer Merchantt outside the house.

They are the most trustful and genuine people in the house. They are not only strong contenders but real personalities as well. Its only because of them, I could survive in the house with so ease or I would have panicked in the start itself. I have built a great bond with them and this friendship will surely last for long.

I don’t think my Bigg Boss journey will affect my career.

Because the way I was living in the Bigg Boss house, was like how I would live in my own home. I kinda took for granted. While when you are on the set, you are professionals and have to stay active. Both have different atmosphere, you can’t stay same way at both the places.

I am thankful to the viewers to release me from the Jail.

I am so glad to be out of the house, which was no less than a jail. I am grateful to all the fans, who gave me freedom from the house. Also, I appreciate them to keep me for so long in the house which shows their love towards me.

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