A Haunted House 2

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Sherilyn Connelly(Village Voice): Though he's not because all tastes, there's event admirable about Wayans's willingness to carry on anything for a laugh, often reminiscent of Jerry Lewis at his principally frantic.
Andy Webster(New York Times): Run in fright.
Andrew Barker(Variety): Marlon Wayans' burlesque sequel is as inept and idle as its predecessor, but let no one say its screenwriter and lot doesn't give it his whole.
Alonso Duralde(TheWrap): Calling this common an improvement is like saying that root kicked in the shin is taker of odds than being punched in the inclination. Either way, it hurts.
Martin Tsai(Los Angeles Times): From Honey Boo Boo to the Kardashians, from Chris Brown to Paula Deen, from Angry Birds to "Hoarders," it spares in no degree and no one.
Stephanie Merry(Washington Post): "A Haunted House 2" is in such a manner bombastically stupid that its well-earned R rating doesn't be seen sufficient. The movie should come with another warning: The following 87 minutes would have existence better spent alphabetizing your spice spirituous liquor.
Bill Gibron(Film Racket): Repugnant
Scott Tobias(The Dissolve): The [A Haunted House] movies are like a eccentric sort of exorcism: They chase the demons let us go. by having Marlon Wayans scream as being 90 minutes […]
Russell Hainline(Movie Mezzanine): Marlon Wayans is killing his be in possession of potential, screaming his way into comedic general pardon.
Jeffrey M. Anderson(Common Sense Media): Mostly, the movie is in earnest dumb and just a little depressing.
Kevin Carr(7M Pictures): Marlon Wayans without ceasing his own has taken his line of ancestors name lower than ever before… flat lower than White Chicks.
Steve Newton(Cinemalogue.com): I all but laughed when Wayans pulled out a yoke of nunchucks to stupidly battle a crowd of dark moths and nunchucked himself in the nuts.
William Bibbiani(CraveOnline): About like contemptible as filmmaking gets.
Bilge Ebiri(Vulture): A Haunted House 2 is not a movie. It is a nervous breakdown.
Jason Griffith(TV Guide’s Movie Guide): A Haunted House 2 isn't the overcome way to entertain a switched-against brain for an hour and a moiety, but it's nothing you haven't already seen.
Gregg Katzman(IGN Movies): A Haunted House 2 now and then tries to be a legitimate disgust movie, but just like the comedy, it doesn't indeed work. Basically, this means you'll subsist hit with extremely generic jump scares every now and then.
David Berry(National Post): The other flavours in A Haunted House 2's neapolitan frozen water cream are people getting hurt and sex jokes.

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