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Ty Burr(Boston Globe): "Alan Partridge" could own been an expansion of Coogan's primeval character concept into the international tumid time. Thankfully, it's not.
Michael Phillips(Chicago Tribune): The movie clips lengthwise and pleases its fan base, and it'll amuse a lot of Partridge newbies in the manner that well.
Colin Covert(Minneapolis Star Tribune): Recommended lacking hesitation.
J. R. Jones(Chicago Reader): Coogan is some old hand at the comedy of dismay, envy, and bruised egotism, and the movie is packed by clever gags.
Mick LaSalle(San Francisco Chronicle): The practice Alan feels on the outside is the advance a lot of people feel at their chiefly vulnerable. And so we watch him and salute him, and then cringe and wish him luck.
David Hiltbrand(Philadelphia Inquirer): After material a crackling good impression, Alan Partridge overstays its greet to a harrowing extent.
Kevin Carr(7M Pictures): Coogan walks that careful line between being a character you affectionate regard and a character you love to bear malice to.
Jeff Beck( As a thin skin, Alan Partridge is too aimless and dishonorable on laughs to be worth the 90 minutes.
Dustin Putman( Doesn't secure every target or land every crank, but Steve Coogan's warmth for the role—and the jut as a whole—proves pestiferous.
Frank Swietek(One Guy’s Opinion): Makes the change to the big screen in a form that anybody can enjoy, whether you're already a fan of the TV sketches or not.
Kelly Vance(East Bay Express): There's ~t one farce quite as farcical as a British farce.
Marc Mohan(Oregonian): Partridge is a smidgen in a ~ degree abhorrent here than in previous incarnations, goal just a smidgen.
Bob Grimm(Tucson Weekly): Coogan is ~ward fire in this movie. Consistently, brilliantly diverting.
Al Alexander(The Patriot Ledger): Effectively puts the screws to each dumb, egotistical interviewer from Piers Morgan to Geraldo Rivera.
Ray Pride(Newcity): Only imbecility could possibly ensue. Coogan knows the role interior part out, and some of the biggest of the film's many big laughs come from his full-on physical domicile of the character.
Mark Dujsik(Mark Reviews Movies): The film gets [this character], and more importantly, in like manner does Coogan, whose lived-in work ensures that every tic registers in a substantial way…
Josh Kupecki(Austin Chronicle): Coogan's ludicrous timing has never been better, and Meaney is perfectly cast as his friend/foil. The pellicle hums along at a brisk walk , piling one witty absurdity on overpower of another.
Charles Ealy(Austin American-Statesman): [Coogan's] eponymous prominent part debut here is very British and excessively funny. But after making a crackling fit impression, Alan Partridge overstays its receive.

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