Chinese Puzzle

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Colin Covert(Minneapolis Star Tribune): A hectic, convoluted French comedy about a Parisian novelist and the three women in his life.
Tom Long(Detroit News): An amiably daffy turn the thoughts at perpetual adolescence, French-style.
Mary Houlihan(Chicago Sun-Times): Once the account picks up, it's yielding, breezy and enjoyable. It seduces you into thinking: Wouldn't it be merriment to reconnect with Xavier in any other five years or so?
Barbara VanDenburgh(Arizona Republic): The film flits from one subplot to not the same and not in that delightfully freewheeling European manner of way.
Steven Rea(Philadelphia Inquirer): It's the whole of very busy, and cute, and, um, French …
Peter Keough(Boston Globe): "Puzzle" is not either puzzling nor much fun.
Siobhan Synnot(Scotsman): Ambling, nevertheless amiable enough.
Patrick Peters(Empire Magazine): The profusion of plot leaves little room on this account that character development, but Cic Klapisch captures the urban vein with ebullient aplomb, while amusing himself by stylistic flourishes and riffing on Frans Truffaut's Doinel cycle.
David James(We Got This Covered): Chinese Puzzle is smart, touching and pleasantly human – the syllabus of a feel good romantic comedy.
Paul Gallagher(The List): Xavier pauses to entreat a lot of big questions, on the other hand the farcical turns of plot sap any serious attempts to suggest answers.
Al Alexander(The Patriot Ledger): There are some snags along the way, particularly the film's leisurely pace and through the whole extent of reliance on coincidence and cutesiness, goal for the most part it works charmingly.
Jeff Baker(Oregonian): The last in a trilogy about a French novelist and his three woman of refinement friends in New York is while light and relaxing as a summer fall of day.
Dann Gire(Daily Herald (IL)): Xavier constantly laments his impending 40th birthday, still, he makes absurdly shallow observations on this account that a seasoned novelist.
Louis Black(Austin Chronicle): Chinese Puzzle is a delightful, rambling, modern romantic comedy is in the way that sloppy that it should be terminated in by its excesses, yet the vast, excellent ensemble cast manages to be of advantage it all work.
Ray Pride(Newcity): French farceur Cic Klapisch is a maestro of combination, if not complexity.
Cary Darling(Fort Worth Star-Telegram/ A deliciously soft confection of cinematic froth that lives up to its predecessors' perception of romantic fun.
Kelly Vance(East Bay Express): France has emptied finished and split for New York.
Frank Swietek(One Guy’s Opinion): Sporadically amusing and touching, but also precious, and it not at all comes together as an authentic emotional actual observation.

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