El bruto

An evil old man, Andrés, is the owner of an old building, where very poor people live. Mr. Andrés wants to demolish the building, and gives the people a few hours to evacuate it. But they will confront the old man, saying that they won’t leave their homes. Andrés will look for help and he finds it in Pedro, a tough, strong and rude man, but not quite clever, who will be hired by Andrés in order to bullying the people in the building and make them leave. Meanwhile, Pedro will work in a butcher’s shop, where also works Paloma, Andres’s wife, an attractive woman who starts to feel attracted to Pedro. One night, Pedro is making a tour by the building, threatening people, and he will fight with a man who dares to face up with him. But the man is killed accidentally by Pedro, who escapes from the place and hides with Paloma, now his lover. Meche, the murdered man’s daughter, is a charming and pretty girl, who will help Pedro to scape from the angry neighbors. Pedro falls in love with Meche, and he offers his home to her. Meche starts to have feelings about the naive but “brutal” man, without knowing that he’s the murderer of her father.

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10 Jun 2010 10:01 1953, Drama, Mexico
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