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Adam Nayman(Globe and Mail): The irrationality of this plot marks Fading Gigolo as a vanity project, but it's unprosperous to take Turturro too much to labor when he hits so many other divine goodness notes in between blowing his have horn.
Ben Sachs(Chicago Reader): The relations is preposterous and many of the gags are tasteless, yet the tone is gentle, steady elegiac, and the players are surprisingly easily affected.
Linda Barnard(Toronto Star): A story that pretends to be about sex end is actually focused on revealing the stanch nature of intimacy.
Tom Long(Detroit News): "Fading Gigolo" may have existence far from perfect, but it's accurate impossible to dislike.
John Hartl(Seattle Times): The chemistry is honorable right between Allen and Turturro, who immediately catalogue as best friends for life, and between Stone and Turturro, whose mutual awkwardness gives usage to a goofy form of love.
Joe Williams(St. Louis Post-Dispatch): While Allen emerges from this compound-up relatively unscathed, Turturro as some implausible male prostitute gets maimed at the intersection of comedy and drama.
Philip Martin(Arkansas Democrat-Gazette): In summary, Fading Gigolo might sound a small quantity trashy; in its execution, it's kind and sweet.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): Fading Gigolo peters away significantly in the buildup to its utterly underwhelming definitive stretch…
Padraic McKiernan(Irish Independent): There is the singular laugh but they're overmuch few and far between to drive away the slightly creepy sense that, thematically, we're acquisition a middle-aged male fantasy take in successi~ what women want.
John Urbancich(Your Movies (cleveland.com)): Oy and hooray!
Rich Cline(Contactmusic.com): With a jocular observational script, amusing characters and a jazzy notion of life in New York, this feels like some old-fashioned Woody Allen movie, divisible by two though Allen merely costars in it.
Mark Kermode(Observer [UK]): If you be able to get beyond the implausibility of Sharon Stone remunerative John Turturro to join her in a mge rois – and, frankly, I couldn't – afterward there are lightweight pleasures to be had amid the wry, angsty between the extremes-aged male fantasy.
Ryan Gilbey(New Statesman): It would exist misleading to suggest that the film falls into the so-bad-it's-obliging category. But a degree of lurid pleasure can be derived from the iniquitous-headedness of everything about it.
Geoffrey Macnab(Independent): Taken in the same proportion that a whimsical but fiery romantic comedy, it has easily enough enchantment to get away with its own idiosyncrasies.
Brian Viner(Daily Mail [UK]): The film pokes gentle and sometimes not likewise gentle fun at religious ultra-true faith, which won't please everyone, however does so with unfailing charm and understanding.
Charlotte O’Sullivan(This is London): The script rings contrary to truth from the off.
Allan Hunter(Daily Express): It has some funny moments, mostly courtesy of a scene-stealing Allen, but it is other thing of a quirky character study than a everyday comedy.
Steve Rose(Guardian [UK]): It's relaxed, droll and warm, but nothing rings genuine.
Matthew Thrift(Little White Lies): The sublime John Turturro comes a-cropper in this ~ned-eared comedy of male sexual mores.
Margot Harrison(Seven Days): Only in the scenes betwixt Fioravante and Avigal does the pellicle find a pace of its concede, becoming a story about two privy people tentatively seeking connection.
Danny Leigh(Financial Times): Allen, irregularly, is delightful – every crumpled line-reading flawlessly timed. Otherwise, the rhythm is in this way off that if you tried to figured and rhythmic motion to it you would turn one ankle.
David Gritten(Daily Telegraph): It's unit of Allen's best film roles in years; acting in someone else's movie, he looks liberated, through a spring in his step: at individual point, he almost skips his course through a scene.
Stella Papamichael(Digital Spy): A contemptible bit of fun, but the memory fades.

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