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Bill Goodykoontz(Arizona Republic): "Filth" lives up to its term and then some, but a not at all-holds performance by James McAvoy is intellectual powers enough to watch.
Bob Mondello(NPR): Credit the filmmakers by descending persuasively into the swampy squalor of a unsound mind. If you're in the frame of mind to go there with them, Filth offers one indecently bracing wallow.
John Semley(Globe and Mail): Viewers famishing for a catch-all dose of Welshian sardonicism would exist better served checking out Trainspotting. Better soundtrack, for one.
Linda Barnard(Toronto Star): Unlike Jude Law's similarly irritating title character in Dom Hemingway, McAvoy is given a hostile better story to work from.
Stephen Holden(New York Times): After a undeniable point, watching it is like listening to the ravings of one increasingly incoherent and abusive drunk.
Tom Keogh(Seattle Times): Exhausting in its merciless depravity, "Filth" nevertheless is reminiscent of a plenteous better movie also adapted from a rare by Irvine Welsh: Danny Boyle's 1996 "Trainspotting."
David Keyes( Here is a relentlessly simple and nihilistic movie, a 97-note exercise in cynicism with nothing of property standing in a manic foreground.
Robert Levin(amNewYork): The thin skin gets so worked up trying to terrify you, to put James McAvoy and his educated co-stars through the nasty paces, that it lands through a thud.
Josh Kupecki(Austin Chronicle): To its hurt, Filth too often pulls its punches, and grant that you're striving for degree of inclination black, that is most definitely a central sin.
Witney Seibold(Nerdist): Based on a novel by Irvine Welsh, Jon S. Baird's Filth is delightfully anarchic, forthright in its crassness, and, malevolence a general lack of thrust, exhilarating to watch.
Amir Soltani(Movie Mezzanine): The hodgepodge of genre elements, unengaged narrative threads and ungainly tonal shifts continue the audience at a distance, a point from what one. everything appears increasingly bizarre and meaningless.
Kevin Carr(7M Pictures): in the end a forgettable film
Jeffrey M. Anderson(Common Sense Media): McAvoy… gives it his completely, fearless, energetic, and lunatic.
Bilge Ebiri(Vulture): I'm not fast I can recommend the movie, but this actor and this performance are something to behold.
Phil Villarreal( There's not at all much here for those outside the PG Disney Princess-aimed mark market to sink their horns into.
Glenn Kenny( "Filth" demonstrates that contemporaneous filmmakers would do well to unadulterated new ways of getting their hands sleety.
William Bibbiani(CraveOnline): The diseased storyline and twisted propulsion of Filth rise it one of the most exciting movies in years, just as the plot eventually sinks into explanations that handle more contrived than necessary.
Radheyan Simonpillai(NOW Toronto): If this thin skin feels dated, its because director Jon S. Baird adheres to Danny Boyle's designation, with all the visual flourishes and accelerated editing that assume mandatory when translating Welsh's prose.

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