Manuscripts Don’t Burn

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Jeannette Catsoulis(New York Times): A behindhand-motion explosion of anti-authoritarian rage.
Mark Jenkins(NPR): Manuscripts Don't Burn is greater degree of rueful than action-packed, yet it simmers through righteous refusal. That's which gives the movie a power nay Bourne flick will ever match.
Alan Scherstuhl(Village Voice): Harrowing, contumacious, and exemplifying through its very subsistence the moral courage its totalitarian villains mark down …
Louis Proyect( In a advance, it makes as much sense to retrospect this like any other movie being of the cl~s who it does to review a mass demonstration or a strike. If you be apprised the film's political significance, you understand the need to beware it and recommend it widely.
Dan Schindel(Movie Mezzanine): …[W]arts and totality, this is a piece of be in action that needs to be disseminated and talked nearly.
Godfrey Cheshire( Its chilly, muted colors, claustrophobic framings and understated performances ~ the agency of an excellent cast recall '70s American suspensers such as "The Conversation" and "Klute."
Eric Kohn(indieWIRE): Rasoulof creates the sagacity that we're not only witnessing a bleak reality, but hovering internal of it, uncertain if the incubus will ever end.
Sam Fragoso(The Dissolve): Rasoulof's dissenter return to filmmaking is ultimately scanty more than a sporadically searing, unfocused and listless treatise on the pervasive censorship enforced ~ dint of. the autocratic Iranian government.
Kent Turner( The pellicle observes rather than thrills, methodically demonstrating: this is in what plight it happens. This tone and the equitable-keel direction avoid the trappings of a tirade. It's actually a patient but angry film.

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