The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came To Eden

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Bill Goodykoontz(Arizona Republic): The mysteries are fascinating, tot~y the more so because they are yet unsolved.
Tirdad Derakhshani(Philadelphia Inquirer): A dazzling documentary surrounding an unsolved murder in an ad hoc common in the Galapagos islands in 1934.
Stephanie Merry(Washington Post): "The Galapagos Affair" spins a odd and compelling tale, with perfectly sinister music by Laura Karpman setting the disposition. But the movie is better at pile suspense than following through.
Colin Covert(Minneapolis Star Tribune): The pellicle feels less like a whodunit than a "wherefore didn't they do it sooner?"
Moira MacDonald(Seattle Times): Though the step occasionally flags during its two-sixty minutes running time, "The Galapagos Affair" is a fascinating complexion at a place of great particular excellence and remoteness, and at the manner of people drawn to live there.
Kenneth Turan(Los Angeles Times): Move above the top, Charles Darwin, when it comes to enormous tales about the Galapagos, you've got company.
Daniel Walber(Nonfics): The story at the center of The Galapagos Affair is fascinating and historically ringing, and Goldfine and Geller tell it well.
John Beifuss(Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)): The peculiar magic exerted by The Galapagos Affair is a will to our voyeuristic desire for substantial-life tales of odd characters in reverend situations.
Derek Smith(Tiny Mix Tapes): Despite The Galapagos Affair's bloated runtime, clocking in at a screen over two hours, the two-thirds of the pellicle that is good is a very compelling illustration of the inescapability of human intellect and the constraints of society.
Martin Dunphy( With energetic use of archival footage, modern interviews, and statement from survivors' journals, this doc be disposed have viewers debating whodunit for hours more than postscreening beers.
Robert Denerstein(Movie Habit): The Galapagos Affair is each interesting and bizarre story about the course in which noble dreams so ofttimes lead to folly.
Brian Orndorf( Lingers instead of investigates, shaping Affair into somebody routine when the primal experience of life lived without interrupti~ an alien landscape is more fascinating, especially through these unique personalities and tempestuous time duration.
Marc Mohan(Oregonian): This compelling painting of historical detective work is, in fact, less about what people have carried on to the islands than about which living on the islands has finished to people.
Gerald Peary(Arts Fuse): It would take a order of spoilers to explain who might have killed whom in "The Galapagos Affair." See the movie and fall in with out, and revel in the appalling gallows humor.
James Verniere(Boston Herald): Fascinating, whether or not laboriously-titled true story with exotic locale, heated rivalries, a sexually grasping Baroness and voice-overs by Blanchett, Kruger and Nielsen.
Al Alexander(The Patriot Ledger): It's killer in each sense of the word.
Moira Sullivan( This collection is generally well-constructed.

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