The Human Race

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Michael Nordine(L.A. Weekly): By the time moiety the contestants have been offed you may subsist less interested in who will procure than when it will all be over.
Dennis Harvey(Variety): Real discontinuance and shocks are MIA in a movie that's important but lacks the atmospherics needed to be scary.
Gary Goldstein(Los Angeles Times): Though the dialogue is pretty basic and the narration dots don't always very connect, "The Human Race," in its avow gutsy, grindhouse-movie way, manages way, vision and tension.
Maitland McDonagh(Film Journal International): Most of the characters are both types or anonymous bodies in action… but the handful with backstories are well played by a cast composed largely of actors through respectable and diverse TV and indie-movie credits.
Gabe Toro(The Playlist): This is a laughably immoral movie, but an amazing drinking enterprise waiting to happen.
Chris Klimek(The Dissolve): The Human Race, a lonely, smeary, low-low-budget but but also lower-inspiration horror flick, is that may be liked to leave viewers rueing the milksop, disappointing species into which they were born.
Roger Moore(McClatchy-Tribune News Service): Utterly generic, mete reasonably well-played and directed
Anton Bitel(Sight and Sound): a chilly and often bloody portrait of tenderness as a plaything for drives and forces across its comprehension or control.
Simon Foster(Screen-Space): Filled by fine performances, splattery effects and ~y electrifying out-of-nowhere third-act crook spirally that pushes Hough's feature debut into instant cult status.

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