The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

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Richard Roeper(Richard This is unit of the more disappointing efforts of the anniversary movie season.
Dana Stevens(Slate): Stiller's essay to braid together introspection and whimsey kept me engaged and curious, at the very time when I wasn't completely sure what he was setting at a loss to do.
Kenneth Turan(Los Angeles Times): Stiller's sensibility creates a movie that's smarter than you account it will be. Kind of like Walter Mitty himself.
Joe Morgenstern(Wall Street Journal): Sometimes you inquire failed films and think, well, they tried with a view to this or that but couldn't struggle it off. After seeing Ben Stiller's rendering of the venerable James Thurber story, I don't know what the film was trying for.
Mick LaSalle(San Francisco Chronicle): It has small narrative interest and requires that the director latch onto a very specific unsubstantial tone of whimsy, lest the whole souffle collapse.
Drew Hunt(Chicago Reader): Painstakingly stylish, this is Stiller's greatest part ambitious directorial work to date no more than also his most cloying.
Kevin Carr(7M Pictures): The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is single in kind charming film to see, and there's nothing wrong with a touch-good movie that makes you ~ of good about liking it.
Jason Best(Movie Talk): Ignore the immunities the film takes with the exemplar (something the 1947 Danny Kaye movie besides did, much to Thurber's torment), and this version proves to be a briskly entertaining, glossily photographed, sphere-trotting romp,
Brad Keefe(Columbus Alive): A valuable-natured bit of escapist fluff that relies a scrap too much on whiz-bang particular effects.
James Plath(Movie Metropolis): Somehow, uncovered of a no-win situation, Stiller manages to raise a likable movie that entertains and in like manner provides a little get-out-of-the-basement inspiration.
Ray Pride(Newcity): Mitty doodles and dawdles through the earth, swept away by momentary bursts of particular-effects fantasy while his life is changed ~ means of the presence of a cake made through his mother.
Anthony Morris(The Vine): Big fiscal estimate films that are actually about a thing are so rare this one's ~iness checking out just for novelty esteem alone.
Rima Sabina Aouf(Concrete Playground): A magician with a good heart and a bracing dose of unrealism.
Josh Hylton(Dark Horizons): It soft has a good amount of affection to it, particularly from the transporting Wiig who somehow manages to cause an interesting and empathetic character audibly of thin material.
Jonathan Kiefer(SF Weekly): Of hunt Stiller takes many liberties with Thurber's thoughtful chestnut, but there is a feeling that its theme of yearning positively means something to him.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): …a preferable comedy/drama that's frequently much more profound than its marketing materials may get indicated.
S. Jhoanna Robledo(Common Sense Media): Inspiring apprehend-the-day tale with some hazard and flirting.
Dann Gire(Daily Herald (IL)): The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a frustration, an often confusing and silly contrivance of an unbecoming-of-age comedy based in successi~ Thurber's literary work (adapted into a 1947 excipient for star Danny Kaye.)
Mike McGranaghan(Aisle Seat): Walter Mitty has a assuming heart, and I like it ~ the sake of that. But this is definitely a event where a little simpler would be seized of been a lot better overall.
Damien Straker(Impulse Gamer): The remake is in a straight line, with fewer secrets, more sentiment and it isn't while funny
Jackie K. Cooper( The cinematography is irregular – if only the acting and script were steady that level.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' is not the shrewd James Thurber short story brought to the blustering screen. It's important to do that clear.
Luke Buckmaster(Crikey): The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a Mood Indigo because of the masses, a sort of cinematic gateway medicine that plays around with art film concepts for audiences who don't necessarily want to watch an art thin skin.
John Beifuss(Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)): Iceland deserves every apology: The utter phoniness here is slighting to the natural splendor of that isle nation's locations, which yield the film with its only moments of notice of difference.
Todd Jorgenson( Too frequently its easygoing charm is scuttled ~ the agency of strained efforts to be life-affirming and penetrating.

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