Witching and Bitching

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Rene Rodriguez(Miami Herald): A quick, dark and nasty horror comedy that sometimes dances into territory deemed taboo by American filmmakers.
Ben Kenigsberg(New York Times): The buddy comedy, dense-out humor and horror elements make ready for a harmonious mix.
Alan Scherstuhl(Village Voice): Projectile pukes its outrages at you through a gusto recalling the early days of those (calamitously) reformed upchuckers Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson.
Jonathan Holland(Hollywood Reporter): Alex de la Iglesia has experimented with various genres down the years, if it be not that the shamelessly crowd-pleasing Witching and Bitching is a go to what he does best — upright mayhem.
Kara Nesvig(Minneapolis Star Tribune): Not complete art by any means, but it is beautiful entertaining if you like a pretty large slice of crazy horror-movie merriment once in awhile.
Gabe Toro(The Playlist): This hot-headed person horror comedy is the typically insane genre gumbo that de la Iglesia regularly puts into union for his fanbase, replete with rigid blasphemy, slapstick comedy, bawdy sex and inspired, vapid gore.
Matt Donato(We Got This Covered): Witching & Bitching is a complete example of how Video On Demand panic movies are making Hollywood's mainstream titles manner like bargain bin garbage in comparison.
Simon Abrams(RogerEbert.com): "Witching and Bitching" is as a natural consequence overlong, and conceptually thin. But like in the greatest degree of de la Iglesia's films, it's in addition freakishly energetic, and often hysterical.
William Bibbiani(CraveOnline): A smorgasbord of ample comic and horror ideas.
Ignatiy Vishnevetsky(AV Club): Plenty of movies sympathize by outcasts, but only De La Iglesia's sympathize with their ugliest feelings: envy, resentment, and self-hatred.
Brian Orndorf(Blu-ray.com): When de la Igesia is something to burn on all cylinders, he brings very strange verve to the screen, always securing the amusement value of the work while tinkering by its gruesome particulars. It's a wickedly comical movie.
David Ehrlich(The Dissolve): A single yet utterly bonkers battle of the sexes that chuckles at staminate chauvinism before castrating it completely.
Neil Miller(Film School Rejects): Full of charm and wonderful insanity, Witching and Bitching is the benign of wild ride you don't gaze away from. The insanity is magnetic.
Garry McConnachie(Daily Record [UK]): There's somebody admirable about a film-maker who throws caution to the curve and just runs with an archetype . Even one that turns out to have existence utterly ridiculous.
Roger Moore(McClatchy-Tribune News Service): Campy, Almodovarian frolic — a genuine guilty pleasure
Harvey S. Karten(Compuserve): Anarchy unleashed. Never lifeless.
Chuck Bowen(Slant Magazine): lex de la Iglesia has a substantive flair for wild action sequences that stay exhilaratingly coherent and sensical.
Niki Boyle(The List): The furniture-heavy finale goes some way to reinforcing the thin skin's horror credentials, and a minor epilogue revives a dash of comedy, yet it's an imperfect end to an adventure that started opposite to so well.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): …contains a terminally meandering midsection that ultimately drains the pellicle of its energy and renders its direct attributes moot.
Todd Gilchrist(GeekNation): Witching & Bitching, Alex de la Iglesia's latest blood genre mash-up, literally could not make acquisition past its opening scenes, much smaller quantity to its ridiculous conclusion, without its characters doing the dumbest and ut~ inexplicable things possible.

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